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The Awakening Journey

In my astrology practice, I encourage transformation and do my best to empower you to take ownership of your experiences. My goal is to guide you through the self-work necessary to navigate your life with grace and ease. While astrology is often associated with an acceptance of fate—our future seemingly written in the stars—I firmly believe in the power of free will. The themes and patterns we encounter are indeed influenced by celestial alignments, yet we possess the agency to shape our experiences and perceptions. By understanding these themes, we can align ourselves with the flow of life rather than be swept away by it. So, what can we do? It essentially comes down to the task of truly getting to know yourself. In our sessions, we delve into several key principles: - What we think, we become. - As within, so without. - Everything changes. - Anything is possible if we believe it to be so. - All feelings and experiences are equal—there are no ‘good’ or ‘bad’ experiences or feelings. We should embrace and enjoy them all. - There is a fundamental design to our experience here on earth: everything happens for a reason. These principles are not just philosophical musings; they are actionable steps you can take daily: Know what you think, and challenge your thinking if it isn’t making you feel good. Know what you believe, and challenge your beliefs if they are limiting you. Know what you feel: allow yourself to feel it fully, understand its origins, and determine if there is anything you need to change to feel more or less of that feeling in the future. As Carl Jung wisely stated, “Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” My role is to help you bring these unconscious patterns to light, empowering you to shape your destiny with conscious intent. I fundamentally believe we live in a benevolent universe with love at its core. This understanding reassures me that the universe supports our efforts to know ourselves, to free ourselves, and to be ourselves. In our astrology readings, we will work together to uncover your unique cosmic blueprint, enabling you to live your best life and be your best self. Through this journey of self-discovery and transformation, you will find the insights and inspiration needed to thrive, fully supported by the universe.

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What is Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening is a profound transformation in consciousness, a shift in awareness that leads to a deeper understanding of oneself and the universe. It is often described as a realisation of one's true nature, beyond the ego and everyday experiences. This awakening can bring about a sense of interconnectedness, inner peace, and a greater sense of purpose.

How Does It Happen?

Spiritual awakening can occur in various ways, often triggered by significant life events, personal crises, deep meditation, or even spontaneously. Common catalysts include:

  1. Trauma or Crisis: Major life changes, loss, or existential crises can prompt individuals to seek deeper meaning.

  2. Meditation and Mindfulness: Regular practice can lead to heightened awareness and profound insights.

  3. Intense Spiritual Practices: Yoga, chanting, and other spiritual disciplines can facilitate awakening.

  4. Spontaneous Realisation: Sometimes, an awakening can happen without any apparent cause, arising suddenly and unexpectedly.

Why Is It Difficult?

Spiritual awakening can be challenging for several reasons:

  1. Ego Resistance: The ego, or the sense of a separate self, often resists the dissolution of its boundaries, leading to fear and confusion.

  2. Emotional Turmoil: Confronting deep-seated beliefs and emotions can be overwhelming.

  3. Social Disconnection: Awakening can create a sense of alienation from those who have not had similar experiences.

  4. Physical Symptoms: Some may experience physical symptoms like fatigue, changes in sleep patterns, or energy fluctuations.

How Could an Astrology Reading Help?

Astrology can be a valuable tool in understanding and navigating the process of spiritual awakening:

  1. Identifying Key Transits: Astrological transits, such as those involving Neptune, Pluto, or Uranus, can indicate periods of potential spiritual growth and transformation.

  2. Personal Insights: A natal chart reading can reveal inherent spiritual tendencies and challenges, providing a roadmap for personal growth.

  3. Timing and Cycles: Understanding the timing of astrological cycles can help individuals anticipate and prepare for significant shifts in consciousness.

  4. Guidance and Reassurance: An astrologer can offer support and reassurance, helping to normalise the experiences associated with spiritual awakening.

In Hellenistic astrology, the focus on the planetary rulers, houses, and aspects can provide a detailed and nuanced understanding of an individual's spiritual journey. For example, the 9th house (associated with higher learning and spiritual matters) and its ruler can offer insights into one's spiritual inclinations and potential awakenings.

In summary, spiritual awakening is a transformative process that can be both enlightening and challenging. Astrology can serve as a guiding light, helping individuals make sense of their experiences and providing a structured framework for understanding their path to awakening.

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Thinking about a chart reading?

Why Should You Have a Birth Chart Reading?

A birth chart reading is a powerful tool for self-discovery and personal growth. It offers a unique perspective on your inherent strengths, challenges, and life path. By examining the positions of the planets at the time of your birth, an astrology reading can reveal:

  • Your True Self: Understand the core aspects of your personality, including your motivations, desires, and potential.

  • Life Challenges: Identify the obstacles and patterns that may be holding you back and learn how to overcome them.

  • Purpose and Direction: Gain clarity on your life purpose and the direction you should take to fulfil your highest potential.


How Can Astrology Help?

Astrology helps by providing a deeper understanding of yourself and your life circumstances. It serves as a mirror reflecting the dynamics of your inner and outer worlds. Through astrology, you can:

  • Unlock Self-Knowledge: Discover hidden aspects of your psyche and gain insights into your behavioural patterns.

  • Navigate Transitions: Understand the timing of significant life events and prepare for upcoming changes.

  • Enhance Relationships: Improve your interactions and relationships by understanding compatibility and communication styles.

  • Personal Growth: Use astrological insights to work on personal development and self-improvement.

The Benefits of a Session with Me

In a session with me, my primary intention is to empower you to become your best self and live your most fulfilling life. I aim to reconnect you with the divine wisdom within you, enabling you to solve any problems you may face, heal your physical body, and find solutions to your challenges. I want to remind you that you are magical, amazing, and special, and astrology is a profound way to illuminate these truths.

My goal is to transform your life experience from one of difficulty and fear in which things happen to you to an experience you can partake in fully with confidence and joy, trust and faith, meaning and purpose. I aim to make you excited about the future, with an expanded awareness of your capabilities and the wisdom you possess. Together, we can navigate this transition, revealing the magic and potential that awaits you.

Summer Special!

This summer I am returning to a donation based model. I offer every reading as a gift. If  you would like to make a donation, or exchange, it will be very gratefully received.

If you would like a Menopause Journey reading please let me know when you book.

Bookings available from June 1st.

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