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The Art of Surrender in Capricorn Season

What is surrender?

Surrender, in the context of self transformation, involves letting go of the ego's need for control, releasing resistance, and trusting in a higher, universal intelligence.

How can I surrender?

  1. Release Control: Surrender begins with acknowledging that there are aspects of life beyond our control. Trying to control every aspect of our lives can create stress and limit our growth. By releasing the need for control, we open ourselves to the flow of life and allow a higher intelligence to guide us.

  2. Trust in the Process: Trust is a fundamental aspect of surrender. Trust that The Universe has a plan for you, and things are unfolding as they should. Even in challenging times, trusting the process allows you to navigate difficulties with a sense of peace, knowing that there is a purpose to the experiences you are going through.

  3. Letting Go of Attachment: Attachment to specific outcomes can lead to suffering. Surrender involves letting go of rigid expectations and attachments to particular results. This doesn't mean giving up on goals, but rather being open to different paths and outcomes that may be more aligned with your higher self.

  4. Mindfulness and Presence: Practice being present in the current moment. Surrender is not about passivity; it's about being fully engaged in the present without dwelling on the past or worrying about the future. Mindfulness practices, such as meditation, can help cultivate a state of presence and awareness.

  5. Acceptance: Embrace the present moment with acceptance. This includes accepting both the positive and challenging aspects of your life. Acceptance doesn't mean resignation; it means acknowledging what is and finding peace in the midst of it.

  6. Connection with the Higher Self: Surrender involves connecting with your higher self or spiritual essence. This connection can be nurtured through practices like meditation, prayer, or any activity that brings you into a state of alignment with your true nature.

  7. Learn from Challenges: Challenges and difficulties are inevitable in life. Instead of resisting or resenting them, view them as opportunities for growth and learning. Surrender involves learning the lessons presented by challenges and trusting that they contribute to your spiritual evolution.

  8. Gratitude: Cultivate a sense of gratitude for the experiences, both positive and negative, that contribute to your growth. Gratitude helps shift your focus from lack to abundance and fosters a positive perspective on life.

  9. Non-Attachment to Identity: Surrendering also involves letting go of rigid attachments to your identity, roles, and labels. Recognise that your true essence goes beyond the roles you play in society, and embracing this broader perspective can lead to a deeper sense of peace.

  10. Compassion and Love: Approach yourself and others with compassion and love. Surrendering involves letting go of judgment and cultivating a heart-centred approach to life. Love and compassion create a harmonious environment for spiritual growth.

Remember that surrender is a continuous process, and it requires practice and patience. It's a journey of self-discovery and a way to expand your consciousness beyond the limitations of the ego.

What does this have to do with Capricorn?

I know what you're thinking. Isn't Capricorn the doer? The mountain goat that scales the mountain to reach the top with dedication and drive? Capricorn is the CEO, the billionaire, the workaholic. What does any of that have to do with surrender? Surely the sign of surrender is Pisces? The monk who blends in with all the other monks and resides with one foot in the all, and the other in simplicity?

I am Capricorn Sun and am occasionally told in articles I read or answers I get when I've entered my birth details, that I am a master manifester. Let's dig into that...

What is manifestation?

Put simply, manifestation refers to the act of bringing something into existence or making something evident and perceptible. In various contexts, the term is used to describe the process of turning thoughts, desires, or intentions into reality. The idea is associated with the belief that focused and positive thoughts can influence one's life circumstances and bring about the desired outcomes.

In the realm of spirituality and personal development, manifestation is often linked to practices involving the law of attraction, where individuals are encouraged to visualise their goals, maintain positive thoughts, and believe in the possibility of achieving their desires. The underlying concept is that by aligning one's thoughts and emotions with their goals, we can attract those goals into their life.

Manifestation is turning the thoughts, dreams and ideas into a material reality.

How do we manifest?

Abraham Hicks is a collective consciousness channelled by Esther Hicks, conveying teachings on the Law of Attraction and related topics. According to Abraham Hicks, the process of manifestation involves aligning your thoughts and emotions with what you desire.

Here are key principles from their teachings on how to manifest:

  1. Ask, Believe, Receive: This is a simplified version of the Law of Attraction. First, clearly define what you want (ask). Then, believe and feel as if you already have what you desire (believe). Finally, be open to receiving it into your life (receive).

  2. Focus on the Positive: Abraham Hicks emphasises the importance of maintaining a positive focus. Instead of dwelling on what you lack or what you don't want, shift your attention to what you desire and the positive aspects of your life.

  3. Emotional Guidance System: Abraham Hicks introduces the concept of the Emotional Guidance System, which involves paying attention to your emotions. Positive emotions indicate that you are in alignment with your desires, while negative emotions suggest misalignment. The goal is to move towards positive emotions and thoughts.

  4. Use of Affirmations and Visualization: Affirmations and visualisation are tools Abraham Hicks suggests for shaping your thoughts and beliefs. Affirmations are positive statements that reinforce what you want, and visualisation involves vividly imagining yourself experiencing your desired outcome.

  5. Gratitude: Expressing gratitude for what you have and appreciating the positive aspects of your life is seen as a powerful way to raise your vibrational frequency and attract more positive experiences.

  6. Letting Go of Resistance: Resistance, in the form of doubts, fears, or negative beliefs, can hinder the manifestation process. Abraham Hicks advises letting go of resistance by focusing on positive thoughts and trusting that the universe will bring what you desire.

  7. Follow Your Joy: Abraham Hicks encourages people to follow their joy and engage in activities that make them happy. When you are in a state of joy, you are in alignment with your true desires.

Why might this be a Capricorn trait?

Capricorn is Saturn's feminine sign.

Feminine energy (or Yin) is a source of creative power that works with the cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It is the ability to create something new out of thin air by embodying the frequency of the desired outcome. Feminine energy is fluid, nourishing, and receptive, and it attracts like a magnet. It is the nature of the Universe and the Great Mother of all creation.

The black areas represent yin, which is associated with earth, the feminine, darkness, passivity, negative, reception and absorption. The white areas represent yang, which is associated with heaven, the masculine, light, activity, assertion and penetration. The Yin-Yang symbol represents the idea that these two forces are complementary and interdependent in the natural world.

Feminine energy is the void. The all. The endless. It's where we create from. The nothing that can be brought into form.

Capricorn is an earth sign.

Capricorn is one of the three earth signs in astrology, along with Taurus and Virgo. Earth signs are associated with practicality, stability, and a grounded nature. They are the material reality.

Capricorn is a cardinal sign.

Capricorn, as a cardinal sign, epitomizes the initiation of winter and the onset of the year's final quarter. Ruled by Saturn, it embodies qualities of discipline, responsibility, and ambition. Individuals born under Capricorn's influence often display a strong work ethic and a drive for success. Like a wise elder, Capricorn encourages structured approaches to challenges, emphasising the significance of long-term goals and perseverance.

From Skyscript:

'Every cardinal sign indicates some kind of ‘seat of power’. Capricorn’s emblem marries the tail of a fish to the forelimbs of a goat, depicting a realm that extends from the abyss of the uncontrollable ocean to the mountainous regions that ascend above the clouds. This span of terrain represents a ‘cross of matter’, bridging the divide between the depths of the psyche and its heightened manifestation in the material, and drawing the soul out of its collective stupor to confront the challenges of reality and individualism. The ocean, besides symbolising primordial roots and emotional ties, also relates to instinctive wisdom, secrets, and knowledge that lies buried within the depths of consciousness. Capricorn, bearing only the tail of an aquatic creature, keeps a head that is free from impressionable thought – at a rational level Capricorns are affected only by what they define through logic and reasoned assessment. However, unconsciously, spiritually and emotionally, they draw from the deep.

Their ambitions – in relationships, career and personal growth – derive from an inner motivation that runs too deep to be easily shaken. Their strengths (and their faults) centre around the qualities of stamina, fortitude, staying power and survival.

Some see Capricorn’s scaly tail as that of the fabled Leviathan sea-serpent, a lizard-like Biblical being of tremendous strength, the most powerful creature in the ocean. The sea-serpent is the master of ‘old knowledge’, wise in matters of the occult and bearing an understanding beyond limited, earthly experience. Capricorns are known for being ‘older than their years’ and those who take up the study of mysteries and traditions gravitate towards a masterly knowledge of their craft, just as a business-minded Capricorn will incline to the managerial position. Mastery and power are the understated keywords of this sign. Even the earthy aspect of the goat is underestimated in its potential to symbolise amazing leaps, awe-inspiring balance and hidden reserves of strength.'

Capricorn is the mystic.

Capricorn, at its peak, bridges the ethereal with the earthly. Following Virgo's knack for separating the wheat from the chaff, Capricorn takes it up a notch, engaging in a sort of alchemical purification rather than just chasing "ambition."

Differing from Aquarius, Capricorn's energy is more internal. It doesn't always play out in flashy external activities; sometimes, it's more about internal states and focus.

Imagine the season Capricorn covers – winter in the Northern hemisphere. It's a time for a breather, recovery, and, in the old agrarian days, prepping for spring crops. This is where Capricorn's cardinal nature shines – the thoughtful planning, the forward thinking, and the meticulous mapping out before taking the plunge into action.


Capricorn achieves.

In structures and rules, Capricorn thrives. It's the realm of physical reality, the canvas on which ambition paints its strokes. Focus becomes its compass, determination the engine, and vision the guiding star. The mountain goat, symbol of Capricorn, fixes its gaze on the mountaintop, unwavering in its dedication to the journey. Steadfast and patient, it navigates the terrain with a steady purpose – a living embodiment of commitment to a singular goal.

The Master Manifestor

Beyond the conventional traits associated with Capricorn, we can take a perspective that unveils the feminine and mystical facets inherent in this cardinal sign. The ability to conjure reality from the void reflects a profound connection to the esoteric and the transformative power of creation.

The Capricorn Sun, with its inherent qualities of discipline, ambition, and a pragmatic approach to life, can indeed be a potent force in the realm of manifestation. Here's how:

  1. Disciplined Intentions: Capricorn's disciplined nature allows you to set clear and focused intentions. Your methodical approach ensures that your goals are well-defined, increasing the likelihood of successful manifestation.

  2. Long-Term Vision: Capricorn, being forward-thinking, excels at envisioning and planning for the long term. This strategic vision enables you to create sustainable and enduring manifestations, rather than fleeting desires.

  3. Resilience in Pursuit: The determination associated with Capricorn ensures that you are resilient in the face of challenges. This resilience can be a crucial factor in overcoming obstacles on the path to manifestation.

  4. Grounded Manifestation: Earthy Capricorn provides a solid foundation for your manifestations. This grounded energy helps anchor your dreams into reality, making them more tangible and achievable.

  5. Practical Action: Manifestation requires not only intention but also practical steps toward your goals. Capricorn's practicality ensures that you take concrete actions, aligning your efforts with your desires.

  6. Responsible Creation: Capricorn's sense of responsibility extends to the creative process. This means that you are mindful of the consequences of your manifestations, fostering a sense of ethical and responsible creation.

By harnessing these qualities, the Capricorn Sun becomes a valuable ally in the manifestation journey, offering a blend of practicality and mysticism, structure and wonder.

The art of surrender introduces an intriguing dynamic to the Capricorn Sun's manifestation prowess. While Capricorn excels in structured planning and disciplined action, surrender invites a different approach:

  1. Letting Go of Control: Surrender encourages releasing the need for absolute control. Capricorn's inclination towards structure may sometimes lead to a rigid mindset. Surrendering allows you to flow with the natural rhythm of the universe, acknowledging that not everything can be meticulously planned.

  2. Trusting the Process: Capricorn's trust in hard work aligns well with the concept of surrender when it involves trusting the unfolding of events. Surrendering doesn't mean abandoning effort but rather having faith that the universe has its own way of orchestrating things.

  3. Embracing the Unknown: Capricorn's comfort in the known and tangible may find challenge in surrender, which often involves stepping into the unknown. Yet, it is in this space of uncertainty that new possibilities and manifestations may emerge.

  4. Aligning with Universal Flow: Surrender encourages aligning with the universal flow. While Capricorn's determination pushes against obstacles, surrender invites a more fluid dance with the energies around you, allowing for a harmonious co-creation.

  5. Releasing Attachment to Outcomes: Capricorn's goal-oriented nature may create attachment to specific outcomes. Surrender invites you to release this attachment, recognizing that sometimes what unfolds is even more magnificent than what was initially envisioned.

To sum up

The disciplined Capricorn Sun excels in setting clear intentions, planning for the long term, and taking practical, determined actions. This pragmatic approach ensures that your manifestations are grounded, enduring, and aligned with ethical considerations. The disciplined pursuit of goals is a testament to your resilience, a quality that can overcome obstacles on the path to manifestation.

However, the art of surrender introduces a transformative layer to this process. Surrender invites you to let go of the need for absolute control, trusting in the natural unfolding of events. It encourages you to embrace the unknown, stepping into uncertainty with faith that the universe has its own way of orchestrating things. Surrendering doesn't negate effort but aligns it with the universal flow, allowing for a harmonious co-creation where the magic happens in the spaces between your intentional actions.

The challenge lies in finding balance: maintaining the structure and discipline that Capricorn offers, while also cultivating the openness and trust that surrender brings. It's a dance between determined manifestation and graceful acceptance, releasing attachment to specific outcomes and allowing the universe to weave its magic.

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