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Twin Flame Journey Astrology Forecast

This week's significant astrology transits:

What's the gist?

Jupiter is sparking His benevolence this week upon the recently united masculine (Mars) and feminine (Venus) whilst Saturn, Mercury and The Sun all join together in Pisces. Serious conversations, mental focus and discipline, clear communication, honesty and integrity around transcendental topics are on the cards. The stars are aligning to usher in stability and strong foundations to newly forged connections. The work to build a better future together begins now.

Venus Square Jupiter: 'Heart alignment'

When the benefics get together we should feel uplifted. Expect feelings of grand happiness and enjoyment, expansive relationships, and the glory of love. Celebration is in the air. Beware of over indulgence and extravagance.

Mars Square Jupiter: 'Will alignment'

Mars and Jupiter marry action and will with growth and expansion. Together they can bring exuberance, and a talent for good timing and synergy. The square can be tense so some shadow qualities such as self glorification, restlessness, and over exertion may be present. It's a good time to kickstart something new. Beware hasty action.

Sun Mercury Saturn Conjunct: 'New foundations'

The Sun, Mercury and Saturn together in a rare moment of rebirth signifies a noteworthy new beginning. Light is being shone on our life purpose and the contracts and commitments we make, whether with ourselves or others. Expect mental focus and discipline, integrity, clear communication and an eye for the detail.

What does this mean for the Twin Flame Journey?

The Twin Flame journey happens across many dimensions. Physical and material shifts in the 3D occur after metaphysical and energetic shifts. The mind and belief system has to shift before the 3D manifestation can occur. If you're not seeing the changes you're hoping for or expecting in the 3D then it's time to look within and do the self work. As you change within, your 3D reality will change.

This week:

The Virgo Full Moon was intense and probably a tad rocky given Mercury, the host, was burnt out and in Their detriment in Pisces. We may have started the week with cloudy minds and a distinct lack of clarity. We may feel like we're missing something. Meanwhile, both Venus and Mars are engaged in potentially tense conversations with Jupiter soon after their encounter with Pluto. Truths need to be told though we may not yet be clear what they are and where we're going next.

We're now firmly in Pisces season and the energy this week may be forcing us to let go of our need to know and understand, and asking us instead to trust that we are being led to where we ultimately want to go. The future is bright. Thought the current outlook may be foggy.


'Pisces is the domicile of Jupiter, exaltation of Venus, and the sign of the Fish.

In this sign, although the darkness is still dominant, the season of Winter is transforming and yielding to Spring, where the light side of the year will take over.

Jupiter rules the signs where the light begins and where the light takes over.

The following themes are associated with Pisces:

Hope, faith, and redemption

Union, divinity, and materiality

Visions, dreams, and delusions

Divine discontent, divine weakness

Sinners, saints, and salvation

Pisces is a sign related to the restless emergence of light from within the darkness.'

Adam Elenbaas - Nightlight Astrology

The significant moment this week is the coming together of The Sun, Mercury and Saturn (occurring on the 28th of February in the UK) at nine degrees of Pisces.

Principles of Sun Mercury Saturn are: Qualities of mental focus and discipline, careful self-expression, honesty and integrity, modesty and reserve. Shadow themes are: A fear of expressing oneself, intellectual rigidity and dogma, a self detracting and pessimistic outlook. Renn Butler - The Archetypal Universe

In Pisces this could mean clarity and precise awareness around spiritual or esoteric themes. Something of the 'unseen' could be 'seen'. Something previously indescribable may be rooted in a more concrete way. A truth may be revealed.

On The Twin Flame Journey we are constantly challenged to find balance between our feelings about our twin and who we think they are to us and the 3D reality. There is often conflict between belief and rational sense. This conjunction of Mercury, Saturn and The Sun in Pisces has the potential to be the bridge between the belief and the 3D reality. This merge, happening immediately after the Jupiter conversations with the masculine and the feminine, could bring the previously unseen, to life. Keep the faith. Sink into trust. Expect miracles. Magic is simply intent + belief.

Remember: The Universe is always here to support us in our journey. If you are stuck and don't know where to start, know you have a font of inner guidance and wisdom you can tap into to get you unstuck and on your way. Read The answer to every question.

Personal Reflection:

I have witnessed the power of The Universe to create change and shift things dramatically overnight. It isn't always possible to remember this and stay in faith that good things are headed your way, but it's always worth trying to maintain this perspective. Love is always all around and in the air. It's up to us to choose whether to see and embrace that and the more we can, the more we will bring it about. Choose love. Choose to believe in the impossible and see the magic.

Magic happens. Miracles occur. Spot the small ones and keep track. The more you sit in the energy of magic and love and knowing, the more you will receive the same. And when the big ones occur they will still blow your mind but you'll be able to recognise the hand of the divine and relax into the situation without getting knocked off track.

Read more about The Twin Flame Journey

If you would like some personalised support I offer one to one Twin Flame Journey readings in which I aim to empower you to embrace the journey and get insight into who you are and what you can do to get unstuck. Read more on that and about me here.


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