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Clearing the Heart: some advice

My best advice when clearing your heart or going through any challenging time

1 Everything that you are experiencing is both because of you and for you. Learn to see the deeper meaning and purpose in both the (perceived) positive and negative experiences you have.

2 All the answers you need, to every question that arises, are within you.

3 Make yourself the focus. Focus on getting to know yourself.

4 Everything we have experienced is stored in our energetic body and our physical body is the conduit between our energy and our mind. Feelings are how our body talks to us. We tell ourselves what we need to know. Use the negative experiences you have to teach you about who you are and what you need and learn to listen to your body.

Series of questions:

What am I feeling?

Where am I feeling this in my body?

Can I label the feeling? E.g. angry, disappointed, frustrated…

Have I felt this before?

When have I felt this before?

Is there a similar experience/story?

How far does that experience go back? Is there a root experience that I’m now repeating over and over again?

5 Start every day with the awareness that it is new. It is an adventure and anything can happen. Ask to be guided to what you need and trust that it’s all for your good. Even when it feels hard. At the end of the day put that day to bed. Spend a little time reflecting but then ask for the day to be over so you can rest fully for a new one to begin again tomorrow. Ask for your energies to be cleared and cleaned and to be fresh for what you will do tomorrow. And with the same open mind begin your adventure again.

Airport Mesa Vortex, Sedona at sunrise 08/08/2018

6 And look for the magic. Synchronicities are amazing and they are there for everyone to see, when you look, you'll see more. They remind you there is a design to it all. And if you’re struggling ask for a song, and then shuffle a playlist, and let the words speak to you.

My car mileage at 6 minutes past 6 on a magical day in 2018

Bonus: 7 You are the authority on you. You know who you are and what’s right for you. Learn to discern your own truth.

And know this:

We live in a benevolent universe and you have infinite support and love at all times, whether you can see or feel it in the moment, or not. If you need help ask. If you are struggling ask The Universe for support. Ask for love. Ask for a sign. And know you’ll receive exactly what you need when you need it.


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