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My Journey

"Astrology's real value is not in the popular and misguided conception of magical prognostications of the future, but in the much more important role of being a tool of immense power in the exploration of the human psyche."

Liz Greene, Relating

A Transformational Journey

It started simply, with a desire for true love and a healthy partnership, and evolved into a quest for the ultimate freedom and an intention: to become the best version of my self and to live a conscious and authentic life. As I now understand it, I had begun, quite consciously, my individuation journey. I had embarked on the process to unite my human self, with the divine.

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Why work with me?

• My whole life has been a journey that has led me here, to my calling as an astrologer and guide. Everything I have experienced and learned is now encapsulated in a package of invaluable knowledge and expertise and I've developed the skills to impart that knowledge to anyone who desires. I have been empowered by my journey, to find the confidence and truth that lies within all of us. Now I am ready and able to empower you to find yours. • I have an enormous amount to offer as an astrologer and a coach. I am practiced in providing support to those navigating challenging journeys, and I am regularly told how invaluable my wisdom and expanded awareness is, and how grateful those I support are. Every reading I have given has been profound for both my clients and me. It really is amazing! • I won’t talk at you. I am a practiced listener and understand that for the magic to happen and for the reading to give you the answers you need in the moment, it's a two way process. I will encourage you to share what's important for you in the here and now and have every confidence that the birth chart will reveal the answers to questions you weren't even sure you were looking for. It really is magical! • I’ve always been interested in personal development and how we tick. I studied Psychology and Sociology at University with the intention of becoming a counsellor but life had other plans for me and finding the time and the money was my barrier. Lockdown gave me more time and by then my focus and my passion had shifted and Astrology called. I couldn't be happier with where I've ended up. Just one reading can be electrically transformative and can shift a perspective like nothing else I've experienced. It really is powerful! • I’m dedicated to my spiritual path and have been actively committed to my self transformation for the last 6 years. I threw myself into the esoteric world and sought to learn everything I could, as thoroughly as I could. I learned to tap into my inner wisdom and allowed myself to be guided every step of the way. I've learned to trust in myself and the magic of the Universe and I can't wait to share that gift with you. It really is mind-blowing! • I have been evidenced over and over how this sacred, ancient tool of Astrology can work, but I am also very pragmatic and grounded. I have feet in both worlds and bring all of me into the reading. I can help practically with real world problems and spiritually with those that are more existential in nature. I do my best to make every reading special and to allow the magic that I know is with us all the time to make itself evident. I will give you my full time and attention. You are unique, you are fascinating, and you are amazing, and I can't wait to show you that! Many clients end up as good friends.

Sacred geometry in flower pattern shape on old paper texture .jpg

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