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The Gods Anchor

Conversations with the Gods

What do they have to say?

Ancient philosophers believed the Earth sat in the centre of an ordered system where seven stars wandered between a plethora of fixed stars and the Earth. These seven celestial bodies were considered divine archetypes, Gods, whose movements, representing divine will, had a direct relationship with the mortals who populated the Earth.


The wandering stars didn't move in regular motion, they went backwards and forwards, north and south across the sky and sometimes disappeared from sight altogether. These "planetary Gods were rollicking about the heavens, travelling to different celestial palaces, engaging in friendly and adversarial relations, and ever negotiating about the fates of the mortals below, whose lives were under their jurisdiction." [excerpt from Demetra George's, Ancient Astrology in theory and practice]

The fixed stars were mapped and named and these twelve celestial palaces took on archetypes of their own, characteristics which worked well with the temperament of some of the Gods and less well with others. The palace in which a God was in residence had an effect on how happy or unhappy they were and how benevolent they were with their will.

In ancient times (and still now if the rumours are to be believed) the Astrologer was engaged to inform the rich and powerful, the Kings and Queen's, what was going to happen, how it was going to affect them and when it would be best to do things in order to get the more beneficial outcome. The Astrologer was the interpreter, entrusted with the fate of the King and the nation; a responsible job indeed!

How does it work?

"The philosophy on which astrology rests is an ancient one, expressed in the hermetic maxim, as above so below. This is astrology's basic premise, that life on earth is a mirror of the heavenly picture. As above, so below is enshrined in the ancient idea of correspondence where each planet governs everything in the cosmos that reflects or resonates to its particular energy. Thus, The Sun governs solar things (monarchs, heads of state, gold, sunflowers, the heart) whilst The Moon governs lunar things (mothers and caretakers, food and nourishment, waxing and waning). Each planet has its own domain, reaching through every level of existence and experience from the physical to conceptual.


This also reflects the ancient view that “man is a microcosm” in other words each of us is a cosmos in miniature. Your birth chart, with its bounding circle of the Zodiac (the stars), containing all the planets and encoding the connection between Earth and sky, is indeed a miniature cosmos and you are a reflection of this cosmos at the moment of your birth."  [excerpt from Carole Taylor's, ASTROLOGY: Using the wisdom of the stars in everyday life]

Why choose me as your intermediary to the Gods?

I have always been fascinated by people and the stories that form them. I studied Psychology and Sociology at university with the intention that one day, I'd spend my days supporting people to be comfortable with the stories they had lived through and empowering them to have the confidence to write wonderful new stories for themselves. This isn't quite how I imagined I'd do that, but it's perfect that this is where I ended up. A magical journey has brought me here and I am endlessly privileged and grateful to have been given the opportunity to learn, embrace and utilise this ancient and sacred tool. Every reading I have given has been magical for both my client, and for me. I want to share this magic with as many people as possible.


Let me share the magic with you.

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Birth Chart Anchor

The Birth Chart

My birth chart

The horoscope is a stylised picture of the heavens, drawn for a particular time and place. It is a geocentric or Earth-centred model, a view of the sky that puts the observer in the centre of the wheel with the heavens ranged around them, above and below the horizon. It is thus a person-centred view of the cosmos, which acknowledges a meaningful link between the two. In this picture will be found the 12 signs of the Zodiac as the bounding wheel of the horoscope and in the traditional model, The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn. When a horoscope relates to the time and place of a person’s birth, it is also known as a Birth chart or Natal chart. The personal horoscope encompasses every conceivable area of life from birth to death and all stages in between. It reveals your motivations and needs, what drives you to do what you do, go where you go, and seek what you seek. It describes both the literal and the psychological and gathers up past, present and future into one integral model. In short, we might say that your chart is a map of your soul’s intent and how you manifest this in the world through being the person that you are. At the same time astrology is also very practical form of knowledge, it opens up psychological awareness, shows you the talents and skills at your disposal and how you might become the best version of yourself. It also allows you to devise helpful strategies and ways forward at times of crisis, difficulty, and doubt. The Birth chart is a holistic image of you. Its symbols describe both inner and outer circumstances and all levels of your personal history and experience. Everything you are and do is somehow contained within its dynamic picture. Your chart is thus a reflection of your unique character. It acknowledges and validates your deepest feelings, concerns and desires by showing what is meaningful to you and how you can find ways to shine. [excerpt from Carole Taylor's. ASTROLOGY: Using the wisdom of the stars in everyday life]

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