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My Astrology Recommendations

For those wanting to learn more.

"For many centuries, astrology held an honoured position as a source of wisdom, self knowledge, and connection to a magical world beyond or behind the mundane and material sphere of life.

Astrology was first formed in ancient societies in which humankind viewed itself as intrinsic to the living whole, not detached observers but participants in the drama of the skies.

It is a product of a philosophy that places us inside an ensouled cosmos in which everything is interconnected and everything has meaning.

As such, it stands in contrast to the contemporary view that we are isolated within the universe and that life is a biological accident with no inherent meaning or purpose."

Carole Taylor, author of ASTROLOGY

I watch some amazing astrologers on You Tube and follow some wonderful astrologers on Instagram. I have in my collection a number of much loved astrology books. I also have, amongst my peers, some fantastic practicing astrologers. You will find all my favourites linked here:


My teacher, Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology, posts daily (on week days) videos reflecting on astrology, the current Astro-weather and teaching traditional astrology. He is always, deep, fascinating and relevant in what he posts. I highly recommend watching him to give you an insight into what's going on in the stars and to prompt reflection on your personal journey. He is also a wonderful teacher and I am very grateful to him for the gift of astrology knowledge he has gifted me. Check out his website and the courses he offers here:

And his YouTube channel here:

I was privileged to be a classmate of Lindsay. Her channel L Natale is gaining popularity and with very good reason. She gives wonderfully detailed, quirky, planetary updates with an honesty and sense of humour that is oftentimes incredibly moving. I often shed a tear when watching and her videos never fail to teach and provoke. I highly recommend you check her out here:

The Astrology Podcast is almost an institution. There are hundreds of episodes hosted by the masterful Chris Brennan covering pretty much anything you may want to learn about astrology and discussed by all the amazing astrologers practicing in the here and now. His monthly forecast episodes are a must watch to learn how everything that's happened in the last month has been written in the stars, as well as what's likely to come up in the month ahead. Find his channel here:


Venessa Lund | Soul-Centred Life Coach | Astrologer

Soul worker• Pisces Rising• Astrology Consultations• It’s only and ever heart work 💫 Johannesburg, South Africa 🇿🇦

Michelle Corbesier

Consulting natal & horary astrologer and eternal student of astrology.

Molly McCord

Intuitive Astrologer, Podcaster 6+ million downloads, Channel, Author of 11 books, Mama, Spiritual Teacher.

Petra Sebastian ☆ Astrologer ⋆ Thea, astrologer, storyteller ⋆ plant lover, dancer


"The personal horoscope encompasses every conceivable area of life, from birth to death and all stages in between. It reveals your ,motivations and needs, what drives you to do what you do, go where you go, and seek what you seek.

In short, we might say that your chart is a map of your soul's intent and how you manifest this in the world through being the person that you are."

"More than two thousand years have passed since Hellenistic astrology first began to be practiced in the ancient world. The origins of this system are mysterious, although we know that it emerged in the Hellenistic period sometime after the conquests of Alexander the Great, and that it reached the height of its popularity during the time of the Roman Empire. ... Hellenistic astrology represents the origins and foundations of western astrology, since most of the basic techniques and precepts that astrologers still take for granted today can be traced back to this period. The purpose of this book, then, is to provide an overview of the original tradition of western astrology."

"Early peoples have looked to the heavens as a source of guidance for earthly affairs since at least the third millennium BCE. ... Astrological doctrines are received, translated, adapted, practiced, and then, in turn, passed onto others, influencing political systems, religious beliefs, and the political history of each host culture. They have sparked passionate debates about the nature of the cosmos, fate, free will, the soul, and the life of the stars. Ancient Astrology in Theory and Practice is primarily a practical treatise on how to apply ancient astrological techniques to the analysis and interpretation of charts."

"Imagine for a moment that you are the universe. But for the purposes of this thought experiment, let us imagine you are not the disenchanted mechanistic universe of conventional modern cosmology, but rather a deep-souled, subtly mysterious cosmos of great spiritual beauty and creative intelligence. And imagine you are being approached by two different epistemologies - two suitors, as it were, who seek to know you.

To which approach would you be most likely to reveal your authentic nature?

The epistemology, the way of knowing, who approached you as though you were essentially lacking in intelligence and purpose, as though you had no interior dimension to speak of, no spiritual capacity or value; who this saw you as fundamentally inferior to themself?

Or would you, the cosmos, open yourself most deeply to that suitor who viewed you as being at least as intelligent and noble, as worthy a being, as permeated with mind and soul, as imbued with moral aspiration and purpose, as endowed with spiritual depths and mystery, as they?"

"One of the key principles in archetypal astrology is that astrology is archetypally predictive, rather than concretely predictive. Each planetary archetype has a wide range of possible outcomes while remaining true to its essential nature - and always subject to the additional influences such as human free will, depth of self knowledge, cultural context, and other factors.

Every planetary archetype has a wide range of positive and negative expressions."

I source a lot of my books from World of Books (WOB) and include a link here should you wish to see if any I recommend are available (for those in the United Kingdom):

Practicing Astrologers

Another fellow classmate, Pomegranate Astrology, is no longer on social media but is a practicing astrologer who offers readings, has a podcast and issues a regular newsletter. Her ability to weave a rich and evocative, poetic story is like no other I know and I recommend her for her unique perspective on astrology and her beautiful nature. I am certain that she gives an amazing reading and a perspective of self that it would be difficult to find elsewhere. Find her offerings linked below:

Everyone else I've linked I also recommend for readings, find their websites through the above links.



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