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Being unworthy: a twin flame characteristic.

We have a desire. We want this man*. Hell, we’re ‘told’ this man is ours and that despite outward appearances he wants us too! But we can’t get what we want. It doesn’t matter what we do. Our deepest desire is brutally denied. We’re told to let it go. By him, and by everyone we’ve told about our journey. We go searching for answers and support and are told, again and again, to let him go. Focus on ourselves. Put our trust outside of us in a universe/source/God we may or may not believe in and have learned (been programmed) not to trust. And, even if we manage to do all that, still we do not have what we desire. This man is absent from our lives and (if we’re brutally honest with ourselves) most of the time that feels like crap.

So what DO we do?

Yes, we can’t go about it in the way we thought. We can’t throw ourselves at him. We can’t manipulate him. We can’t persuade him to be with us because we know it’s his destiny. We can’t even wear down his barriers through our sparkling company and devoted adoration.

What we can do is to learn that we never needed to try hard. We are immensely powerful. We can have anything we want. Whatever we want. Including a wonderful committed relationship with this man. We don’t have to let him go. It’s all available to us.

So what’s stopping us?

We are. Our own disbelief. The deep feelings that we’re not good enough, pretty enough, thin enough, clever enough, young enough, rich enough, aware enough, gifted enough. If he isn’t with us, if he’s not available, then a part of us knows we’re not worthy of his love. Ultimately, since this is the one man who is supposed to really love us, we know we’re not actually loveable. We’re NOT WORTHY.

(Now that’s not true of course. We are worthy. Every one of us deserves to be loved. Every one of us is loveable. Exactly as we are.)

The twin flame experience is multifaceted. All of it has design and purpose. All of it will change us for the better if we allow it.

He triggers our wounds so we heal. He leaves us to do it alone and we learn we can. He stops loving us so we are forced to learn to love ourselves. And all the time we are healing our power is growing. If we embrace the experience and what it is trying to teach us we will eventually remember we are worthy AND we will be in our power.

We will be able to have whatever we want.

And that is also designed and purposeful. The union and partnership of two healed and powerful beings working towards a common goal means it manifests much faster. Imagine what we’ll be able to achieve when we’ve learned how to do this, when we’ve become all that we are and know we are worthy.

We can change the world.

*I’ve used ‘him’ since it applies to me and my situation but swap out for ‘she/they’ as required. THIS IS MY EXPERIENCE. It will resonate with some and for others may not.

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