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Ghosting: a 'Twin Flame' experience

Those who have been on the journey for a while are likely very familiar with this dynamic and everyone has some useful advice (focus on you, accept that the timing isn’t right, right now, get on with your life and let go of expectations around your twin and a relationship with them etc etc), I just wanted to add to that based on my experience and understanding, at this point in time.

Everyone on earth has abandonment wounds. We leave the safety of the womb and being encompassed and protected, and we immediately learn that the comfort we felt all the time in there isn’t a given. Literally everything that happens afterwards - even if you are born into love and experience an abundance of it - will wound you to some extent. And literally everyone experiences loss and pain with consistent regularity. By the time we are adults we have all been energetically imprinted by our experiences and we will continue to attract further experiences which are rooted in our wounds.

We will also learn to suppress and manage the pain we experience each time so that we can carry on existing without curling up into a ball and giving up (my guides showed me this pain this morning as two images/feelings 1. An aspect of me being persistently and gutturally sobbing - that experience where you are gasping for breath, tears streaming down your face and it feels like you will die from the intensity and suffocation of it and 2. An aspect of me being stabbed in the heart over and over and over again without pause). If we didn’t learn to manage this pain and box it away then we wouldn’t survive, but equally this pain is real and it’s a part of us and we can’t ignore it.

Our twin arrives in our sphere of reality and shows us our wounds. Yes, we can know intellectually that we are one and that this human experience is an illusion, but the real purpose is to show us who we are and what we can’t see and we have to feel that in order to heal that. Being ghosted by our twin - abandoned by our twin; the person we feel most at home with and most connected to on this earth, is literally the most painful thing we can experience. It is what we feel when we leave the womb or ‘God’ or source love (however you like to think about it).

In order to heal we have to feel. We have to allow and accept. We have to admit to ourselves (and face) that we are in pain and that the experience of being physically ghosted by our twin is undeniably difficult and painful. If we don’t do that, if we just accept it by telling ourselves it’s part of the journey and we should distract, move on, let go, or whatever else we’ve convinced ourselves is the right response, we will continue to bury or hide away that pain and we will continue to hold onto that wound.

Why is that a bad thing? Because while this wound is in us and while we continue to not face it or address it, our twin will continue to show us it. Abandonment will continue to be a theme we attract into our lives. We will keep being ghosted.

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