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Mars: God of Action

Mars' orbital period is approximately two years, meaning Mars usually spends two month's in each sign.

Greek Ares was the God of warfare, bloodlust, and slaughter. His Roman counterpart Mars however was honoured for his warrior spirit, courage, and military skill.

'Mars is the energy that spurs us into action and allows us to further our ambitions.' Carole Taylor

'The Mars archetype is behind our biological urges to take action and assert ourselves, to go out and participate in life, gratify our material and sexual needs and protect ourselves during times of threat. It underlies our drives to pursue the things we want, and to actively avoid the things and experiences we don't want. The negative qualities related to Mars, such as aggression, competition and rash actions, present many problems in the spiritual quest, tying up our attention in cycles of hurt and revenge, and delaying the healing process.' Renn Butler

'Mars is the principle of energetic force; the impulse and capacity to assert, to act and move energetically and forcefully, to have an impact, to press forward and against, to defend and offend, to act with sharpness and ardour; the tendency to experience aggressiveness, anger, conflict, harm, violence, forceful physical energy; to be combative, competitive, courageous, vigorous; Ares, the God of war.' Richard Tarnas

Mars key words:

  1. Energetic force

  2. Assertiveness

  3. Action and movement

  4. Vigorous pursuit

  5. Competitive spirit

Mars in your chart

The influence of Mars will be felt according to where He resides and His conversations with the other Gods and their placements in your chart.

'Competition: We might feel inspired to compete in a number of ways; through oratory, sport, as leaders, teachers, or in battles of supremacy with close partners. Mars symbolises our instinct to survive - not just our physical strength, but the heat and energy that spur us to action.

Warrior: Here is the archetype of the warrior and the fighting spirit vital to life. When we are under threat, it is this function in our chart that supplies us with the courage to defend our territory.

Sexual drive: Mars also describes sexual drive; it shows our physical needs in this respect and the universal urge to spread our seed.

Energy: By extension, mars will also indicate how we refresh and release physical energy in more general terms, through sport and exercise. Some prefer the slow burn of yoga, others the fast paced action of a tennis match or the long distance slog of a marathon. Your Mars suggests whether your energy is laser-like or uncontained, static or erratic.

Courage: Mars inspires us to feats of courage and heroism, each in our own unique style. Bravery can be shown in many ways - physical, mental, emotional, intellectual - and your Mars suggests where and how you may be prepared to "go the extra mile" to succeed. Under the auspices of Mars come life's pioneers, conquerors, entrepreneurs, adventurers, and sportsmen; but we should not forget that, in small ways, we each show these qualities daily in our own lives. Courage comes in many different forms, and we are all capable of great strength.'


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