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Mars in Aries: 30/04 to 09/06


Mars' orbital period is approximately two years, meaning Mars usually spends two month's in each sign.

Greek Ares was the God of warfare, bloodlust, and slaughter. His Roman counterpart Mars however was honoured for his warrior spirit, courage, and military skill.

'Mars is the energy that spurs us into action and allows us to further our ambitions.' Carole Taylor

'The Mars archetype is behind our biological urges to take action and assert ourselves, to go out and participate in life, gratify our material and sexual needs and protect ourselves during times of threat. It underlies our drives to pursue the things we want, and to actively avoid the things and experiences we don't want. The negative qualities related to Mars, such as aggression, competition and rash actions, present many problems in the spiritual quest, tying up our attention in cycles of hurt and revenge, and delaying the healing process.' Renn Butler

'Mars is the principle of energetic force; the impulse and capacity to assert, to act and move energetically and forcefully, to have an impact, to press forward and against, to defend and offend, to act with sharpness and ardour; the tendency to experience aggressiveness, anger, conflict, harm, violence, forceful physical energy; to be combative, competitive, courageous, vigorous; Ares, the God of war.' Richard Tarnas

Mars key words:

  1. Energetic force

  2. Assertiveness

  3. Action and movement

  4. Vigorous pursuit

  5. Competitive spirit

Mars in your chart

The influence of Mars will be felt according to where He resides and His conversations with the other Gods and their placements in your chart.

'Competition: We might feel inspired to compete in a number of ways; through oratory, sport, as leaders, teachers, or in battles of supremacy with close partners. Mars symbolises our instinct to survive - not just our physical strength, but the heat and energy that spur us to action.

Warrior: Here is the archetype of the warrior and the fighting spirit vital to life. When we are under threat, it is this function in our chart that supplies us with the courage to defend our territory.

Sexual drive: Mars also describes sexual drive; it shows our physical needs in this respect and the universal urge to spread our seed.

Energy: By extension, mars will also indicate how we refresh and release physical energy in more general terms, through sport and exercise. Some prefer the slow burn of yoga, others the fast paced action of a tennis match or the long distance slog of a marathon. Your Mars suggests whether your energy is laser-like or uncontained, static or erratic.

Courage: Mars inspires us to feats of courage and heroism, each in our own unique style. Bravery can be shown in many ways - physical, mental, emotional, intellectual - and your Mars suggests where and how you may be prepared to "go the extra mile" to succeed. Under the auspices of Mars come life's pioneers, conquerors, entrepreneurs, adventurers, and sportsmen; but we should not forget that, in small ways, we each show these qualities daily in our own lives. Courage comes in many different forms, and we are all capable of great strength.'


'Aries is the tropical, yang, fire temple of Mars.

Aries is the domicile of Mars and the exaltation of the Sun and the sign of the Ram.

In this sign the light dominates, triumphs, or takes over from the dark.

Hence the following themes are associated with Aries:

Bravery, courage, and victory

Assertiveness, confrontation, and dominance

Aggression, fear, and hostility

Selfishness, intemperance, and conflict.

Aries is also a sign related to youth and independence.

Adam Elenbaas - Nightlight Astrology

'As the first sign of the zodiac Aries is strong and vital, reflecting the vigour of its totem animal, the ram. Positive cardinal fire is extravert, initiatory, and ardent, focusing its energies to get things going. Aries needs action.'

Mars in Aries

Mars in Aries in the birth chart (Natally)

'Planets in this sign will act spontaneously, with daring - you like to take the initiative in whatever aspect of your life these planets represent. This sign enjoys risk; your planets here will seek out danger as a means of testing and proving their strength. Planets here thrive on self-generated energy but can act without thinking. People with planets in this sign take life by the horns. Mars in Aries is the most single-minded position for Mars and suggests you direct your energy forcefully and directly.'

Mars in Aries embodies the essence of Mars, the planet of action, drive, and assertion, in its purest form. Aries, being the first sign of the zodiac and ruled by Mars, amplifies these qualities even further. Mars in Aries traits:

Assertiveness and Courage: Individuals with Mars in Aries tend to be bold, assertive, and courageous. They possess a strong sense of self and are not afraid to pursue their desires and ambitions with vigour.

Initiative and Leadership: Mars in Aries individuals are natural leaders and initiators. They have a pioneering spirit and are often at the forefront of new ventures or projects. They thrive in situations where they can take charge and inspire others with their enthusiasm.

Independence and Self-Reliance: There's a strong need for independence and autonomy with this placement. Mars in Aries individuals prefer to carve their own path rather than follow the crowd, and they can become frustrated in situations where they feel restricted or controlled.

Impulsiveness and Restlessness: Mars in Aries can manifest as impulsiveness and a tendency to act before thinking. These individuals are quick to jump into action and may become impatient with delays or obstacles. They thrive on excitement and may seek out new challenges to satisfy their restless energy.

Competitiveness and Drive: There's a strong competitive streak with Mars in Aries individuals. They enjoy the thrill of competition and are driven to excel in whatever they pursue. They have a strong desire to win and may push themselves and others to achieve their goals.

Physical Energy and Vitality: Mars in Aries individuals have abundant physical energy and vitality. They enjoy being active and may excel in sports or other physically demanding activities. Regular exercise is essential for them to channel their energy constructively.

Potential for Conflict: While Mars in Aries can be empowering, it can also lead to conflicts and power struggles if not managed carefully. These individuals may be prone to arguments and confrontations, especially when they feel challenged or threatened.

Overall, Mars in Aries in the birth chart signifies a dynamic and assertive personality with a strong drive to succeed. These individuals are not afraid to take risks and pursue their passions with gusto, but they may need to cultivate patience and temper their impulsiveness to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Mars transiting through Aries

When transiting Mars moves through its home sign of Aries, it tends to amplify the assertive, dynamic, and fiery qualities associated with both Mars and Aries. This transit can have a significant impact on collective energy and individual behaviour. Here's how we may all feel when transiting Mars is in Aries:

Increased Energy and Motivation: Mars in Aries brings a surge of energy and motivation to take action and pursue goals. We may feel more driven, ambitious, and eager to tackle challenges.

Impulsiveness and Aggression: There can be a tendency towards impulsiveness and a quick temper during this transit. We may be more reactive and prone to acting without thinking things through, leading to conflicts and heated exchanges.

Assertiveness and Confidence: We may feel more assertive, self-assured, and confident in expressing ourselves and asserting our boundaries. This can be a favourable time for taking the lead and standing up for oneself.

Risk-Taking: With Mars in Aries, there's a willingness to take risks and embrace adventure. We may be more inclined to step out of our comfort zones and pursue new opportunities, even if they involve some level of uncertainty.

Restlessness and Impatience: There may be a sense of restlessness and impatience during this transit, as we crave excitement and action. It can be challenging to sit still or maintain focus for extended periods.

Increased Physical Activity: Mars in Aries encourages physical activity and movement. We may be drawn to exercise, sports, or other physical pursuits as a way to channel the excess energy of this transit.

Leadership and Initiative: This transit favours taking the initiative and asserting oneself as a leader. We may be more inclined to take charge of situations and inspire others with our enthusiasm and drive.

Potential for Conflict: While Mars in Aries can be empowering, it can also fuel conflicts and power struggles if not channelled constructively. It's important to be mindful of impulsiveness and aggression and to find healthy outlets for this intense energy.

Overall, when transiting Mars is in Aries, there's a sense of excitement, vitality, and assertiveness in the air. It's a time for taking action, embracing challenges, and asserting oneself with confidence, but it's essential to temper impulsiveness and aggression to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Transiting Mars in Aries for each Rising Sign

Twelve houses and their meanings
The Traditional House Sign Meanings

Aries Rising (1st House):

  • With Mars transiting your 1st house, you'll feel a surge of energy and confidence. This is a time for asserting yourself and taking the lead in your life.

  • Focus on personal development and self-improvement. Take initiative in pursuing your goals and don't be afraid to step out of your comfort zone.

  • Use your assertiveness to make positive changes in your appearance, health, and overall sense of self.

Taurus Rising (12th House):

  • Mars transiting your 12th house may bring a more subtle, internalized energy. You may feel driven to confront subconscious issues and face your fears.

  • Use this time for introspection and self-reflection. Explore your hidden desires and motivations, and work on releasing any pent-up anger or frustration.

  • Practice mindfulness and meditation to channel Mars' energy constructively and avoid impulsive actions.

Gemini Rising (11th House):

  • Mars in your 11th house energizes your social life and group activities. You may feel motivated to connect with friends, join causes, or pursue your aspirations.

  • Focus on collaborating with others to achieve common goals. Use your assertiveness to inspire and lead groups towards positive change.

  • Get involved in community or humanitarian projects that align with your values and passions.

Cancer Rising (10th House):

  • Mars transiting your 10th house heightens your ambition and drive for success. You may feel compelled to take on leadership roles or advance in your career.

  • Use this energy to pursue your professional goals with determination and courage. Take calculated risks and assert yourself in the workplace.

  • Be mindful of power dynamics and avoid conflicts with authority figures. Instead, focus on demonstrating your competence and expertise.

Leo Rising (9th House):

  • Mars in your 9th house stimulates your thirst for adventure and exploration. You may feel inspired to broaden your horizons through travel, education, or philosophical pursuits.

  • Harness this energy by embracing new experiences and stepping outside your comfort zone. Take bold leaps of faith and pursue opportunities for growth.

  • Use your assertiveness to defend your beliefs and values, but remain open-minded to different perspectives and cultures.

Virgo Rising (8th House):

  • Mars transiting your 8th house intensifies your desire for transformation and personal growth. You may feel compelled to delve deep into psychological or occult matters.

  • Use this time to confront and overcome any emotional or financial challenges. Take proactive steps to heal past wounds and release any toxic patterns.

  • Embrace change and embrace the unknown with courage and determination. Trust in your ability to navigate through life's ups and downs.

Libra Rising (7th House):

  • With Mars in your 7th house, relationships take centre stage. You may feel a surge of passion and intensity in your partnerships, both personal and professional.

  • Use this energy to address any issues or conflicts in your relationships directly and assertively. Seek compromises that honor both your needs and those of others.

  • Focus on cultivating healthy boundaries and assertive communication. Avoid passive-aggressive behaviour and confront challenges head-on.

Scorpio Rising (6th House):

  • Mars transiting your 6th house energizes your work and daily routines. You may feel motivated to tackle tasks with efficiency and determination.

  • Use this time to implement positive changes in your health and well-being. Start new fitness regimes or dietary habits that support your vitality.

  • Channel your assertiveness into your professional life, but be mindful of conflicts with colleagues or subordinates. Foster teamwork and collaboration to achieve mutual success.

Sagittarius Rising (5th House):

  • Mars in your 5th house ignites your creativity and passion for self-expression. You may feel inspired to pursue hobbies, artistic projects, or romantic pursuits with zeal.

  • Harness this energy by embracing your creative impulses and taking bold risks in your artistic endeavors. Express yourself authentically and fearlessly.

  • Use your assertiveness to pursue pleasure and joy in your life, but be mindful of recklessness or impulsiveness. Balance spontaneity with responsibility.

Capricorn Rising (4th House):

  • With Mars transiting your 4th house, you may feel driven to make changes in your home or family life. This is a time for addressing any underlying issues and asserting your needs.

  • Use this energy to renovate or declutter your living space, creating a sense of security and stability. Set boundaries with family members and assert your independence.

  • Focus on nurturing yourself and your loved ones with care and compassion. Take proactive steps to create a harmonious domestic environment.

Aquarius Rising (3rd House):

  • Mars in your 3rd house energizes your communication and mental activity. You may feel inspired to speak your mind and assert your ideas with confidence.

  • Use this time to express yourself assertively and pursue intellectual pursuits that stimulate your mind. Engage in debates or discussions that challenge your perspectives.

  • Be mindful of conflicts with siblings, neighbors, or peers. Foster open dialogue and seek common ground, but don't shy away from defending your beliefs.

Pisces Rising (2nd House):

  • Mars transiting your 2nd house may bring a focus on your finances and material resources. You may feel motivated to take proactive steps to increase your income or financial security.

  • Use this energy to assert your worth and value in your professional endeavors. Negotiate for fair compensation and pursue opportunities for financial growth.

  • Avoid impulsive spending and take a disciplined approach to managing your resources. Invest in assets that align with your long-term goals and provide stability.

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