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Menopause: a short film

What is menopause?

The term menopause refers to a point in time that follows one year after the last menstruation. The transition to, and beyond, this point in time can be a confusing and difficult time for both the women experiencing it and those in relationship with the women experiencing it. This wonderful short film, produced by my equally wonderful sister Liz Harkman, evolved through conversations and interviews with lots of women who are in the transition or have moved through it. The film seeks to shed light and bring awareness to the significant cycle of change all women move through in their life journey's.

Astrology can help to bring clarity and compassion to the journey and the challenges that can arrive as part of it. Through the magic of a reading it is possible to find a new perspective and to reveal the purpose and meaning behind any challenges you are facing or have had to work your way through. Whilst I am only at the beginning of my personal journey with menopause, I am well practiced in the process of transformation that any challenging journey can bestow when we view it as happening 'for' us rather than 'to' us.

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