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Talking with the Moon

"The Moon, Queen of the Night in all her silvery splendour, reaches out to us as she glides across the black, moonlit skies." Demetra George, 'Mysteries of the Dark Moon'

The Moon weaves Her way through the entire zodiac every twenty-nine days and in doing so meets with all the other Gods in the palaces they currently reside. The Moon, being our closest celestial body, can be viewed as the translator, the intermediary between us on the Earth and the Gods far above. She engages with the divine energy in order to reflect it down to us as experience and feeling here on Earth, She makes it personal. Tracking the significant meetings the Moon makes can give us an idea what could be arising in our lives in our day to day as She journeys around the Earth.

Why is looking at the Moon's encounters helpful? By understanding what's occurring on a grander sense, it can bring distance between what we experience and how we interpret it. It gives us a broader perspective of the experience and helps us to clarify why it's happening for us and how we can use it effectively in our lives to learn and grow. We can appreciate that the events in our lives are happening for us rather than to us and viewed from that perspective all experiences, both the more difficult and the joyous, can be seen in a more positive light.

All meetings given are at UK times (currently GMT+1) please adjust for your own time zone

A cycle of the Moon


'This is the moment of embarking.

All auspicious signs are in place.'

September 7th: Virgo Moon Conjoins the Sun (NEW MOON) and Trines Uranus whilst Mars Trines Pluto and Mercury Trines Jupiter

With the New Moon perfecting in an exact trine to Uranus this new beginning is particularly auspicious. Uranus is the God of change and liberation, He represents the driving force within us to be different and bring about radical change. Since this supportive and expansive conversation takes place from Virgo, Mercury's sign of order and efficiency, ("Virgo extracts what is good and makes something useful out of it." Astrology by Carole Taylor), we are supported with the energy of focus and attention to detail and the desire to be productive and serve a greater good. Uranus is in Venus' palace of Taurus which signifies the need for deep seated change in our physical world. Although Uranus can talk of sudden change, change has to begin within us and it takes conscious effort.

From 365 TAO Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao

What in your life isn't working right now and where would you like to see change? What steps could you take to make those desires a reality?

The Moon's cycle begins with the New Moon and that energy sets the stage for the rest of the month. The intentions we make and area of life we choose to give our focus to can then be supported or tested by the meetings the Moon has with the other Gods as She progresses through her cycle.

Just prior to the New Moon, Venus was speaking loudly to Mars and Pluto from her palace of Libra, suggesting that Venus is the God of the moment and Her desires are likely to flavour this Moon cycle. 'The Venus archetype manifests through our yearnings to love and be loved, to enjoy ourselves and bring pleasure to others, and to reach out in energy and connection.' [The Archetypal Universe by Renn Butler]

With Venus in a Trine with Jupiter at the time of the New Moon we have a delightful expansion of Her energy to work with throughout the cycle. If we combine that with the Sun moving into Libra later in September and with Mercury turning retrograde in Libra, this Moon cycle speaks to me as an opportunity to better understand what we want from our relationships and to revisit and revise them in such a way that our horizons are broadened and our world shines a little brighter. With some explosive conversations between the Gods happening towards the end of the cycle there could be a shake up and review of our significant relationships. The Moon asks us this month to choose love and to allow it to flourish in our lives to bring us joy.

September 7th: Waxing Virgo Moon Conjoins Mars and Trines Pluto

September 8th: Waxing Libra Moon Trines Saturn

September 9th: Waxing Libra Moon Conjoins Mercury then later in the day Squares Pluto and simultaneously Trines Jupiter

September 10th: Waxing Libra Moon Conjoins Venus at the Anaretic Degree then later in the day, in Scorpio, Squares Saturn

  • The Anaretic degree can be a trigger point and signify a difficult experience which, while tricky at the time, later we understand had purpose and taught us something of value. With the Moon joining Venus in Her palace's Anaretic degree and then moving into a Square with Saturn it seems possible that relationships will be tested, possibly around Saturnian themes such as setting good boundaries or feelings of restriction around letting go in love.

September 11th: Waxing Scorpio Moon Opposes Uranus as Venus moves from her happy place in Libra into Scorpio where she's in detriment. Later that day the Moon Sextiles the Sun and Trines Neptune before She Sextiles Pluto and Squares Jupiter

September 12th: Waxing Scorpio Moon Sextiles Mars before moving into Sagittarius

September 13th: Waxing Sagittarius Moon Squares the Sun and Neptune as they Oppose one another

September 14th: Waxing Sagittarius Moon Sextiles Jupiter whilst the Sun and Neptune are still in their Opposition then later in the day, as the Opposition goes exact, She Squares Mars in the Anaretic Degree

September 15th: Waxing Capricorn Moon Trines Uranus as the Sun moves into a Trine with Pluto

September 16th: Waxing Capricorn Moon Conjoins Pluto and Trines the Sun and then later in the day the Moon moves into Aquarius and Trines the recently debilitated Mars after his move into Libra as Venus picks up a Square to Saturn

September 17th: Waxing Aquarius Moon Conjoins Saturn in His Sextile to Venus as the Trine between the Sun and Pluto goes exact, then later Squares Uranus whilst all these conversations are still active

September 18th: Waxing Aquarius Moon picks up a Trine to Mercury shortly before She Conjoins Jupiter

September 19th: Waxing Pisces Moon Trines Venus as Mercury moves into a Trine with Jupiter then later forms a Sextile with Uranus

September 20th: Waxing Pisces Moon Conjoins Neptune whilst Mercury continues to Trine Jupiter then She picks up a Sextile to Pluto as Mercury also starts to Square Pluto

September 21st: Pisces Moon Opposes the Sun (FULL MOON) whilst Mercury Trines Jupiter and Squares Pluto and then later that day She moves into Aries and Opposes Mars and then Sextiles Saturn

September 23rd: Waning Aries Moon picks up a Sextile to Jupiter just as She starts to oppose Mercury and Square Pluto as Mercury's Square to Pluto gets tighter whilst at the same time Venus takes up Her opposition to Uranus and the Sun moves into Libra

  • This aspect pattern is known in modern astrology as a Cardinal T-Square (or T-Cross) and signifies driven, dynamic force. In this case Pluto is at the Apex (the focal planet) meaning that much of the dynamic movement takes place here. [Astrology by Carole Taylor]

September 24th: Waning Taurus Moon Squares Saturn before joining Uranus in His opposition to Venus while Mercury continues to Square Pluto and Mars Trines Saturn

September 25th: Waning Taurus Moon forms a Sextile with Neptune before moving into the Square with Jupiter then a Trine with Pluto

September 26th: Waning Gemini Moon Trines Mars and then Saturn as Mars Trines Saturn

  • This aspect pattern is called The Grand Trine and suggests an easy flow of energy between the Gods. A Grand Trine in Air signs signifies ease in communication and social interaction. [Astrology by Carole Taylor]

September 27th: Waning Gemini Moon Squares Neptune and Trines Jupiter

September 28th: Waning Gemini Moon Trines Jupiter and Mercury just as He stations to turn retrograde whilst simultaneously Conjoined Sun and Mars Trine Saturn

September 29th: A busy Waning Cancer Moon Squares the Sun as the Sun Trines Saturn at the same time that Neptune Trines Venus and retrograde Mercury reforms the Square with Pluto then a few hours later She Squares Mars and Trines Saturn before forming a Sextile with Uranus

September 30th: Waning Cancer Moon Trines Neptune and Venus while Venus Trines Neptune and Squares Jupiter whilst in the same moment the Sun Trines Saturn and a slow retrograde Mercury continues to Square Pluto

  • A Grand Trine in Water suggests a deep reservoir of sensitivity and feeling, a skill at picking up emotional undercurrents and ability to tune in on a deeper psychic level [Astrology by Carole Taylor]

A day of magnitude since later on the 30th She forms a T-Square with Pluto and Mercury

  • In this T-Square Mercury is at the Apex (God in focus) indicating dynamic, emotionally driven (Moon) communication (Mercury) brought up from the depths (Pluto)

October 1st: Waning Leo Moon Opposes Saturn whilst Pluto Squares Mars and Venus Squares Jupiter and Sextiles Pluto then later forms a Sextile to the Sun, their last aspect before She enters her Dark Moon phase

October 2nd: Waning Leo Moon Squares Uranus whilst Mercury continues to Square Pluto and Venus Sextiles Pluto before Opposing Jupiter as Mercury also picks up a Trine to Jupiter in His backward motion, a conversation the Moon joins in with as She Sextiles Mercury and Squares Venus

October 3rd: The Moon, now deep into her Dark Moon phase, enters Virgo, the palace where her cycle began

October 4th: After a peaceful few hours the Waning Virgo Moon Trines Uranus before Opposing Neptune whilst the Sun moves into a Conjunction with Mars and Mercury moves into a Trine with Jupiter

October 5th: Waning Virgo Moon Trines Pluto as Mercury Trines Jupiter then finishes off the cycle of conversations by forming a Sextile with Venus and bringing conclusion to the journeys we've taken with Her throughout the period

'When you come to the end of a cycle, a new one will begin.'

365 Days of Tao

From 365 TAO Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao

The New Moon and a new cycle of conversations begins on the 6th of October with a Stellium of four planets in Libra including the Moon, the Sun and Mars all exactly Conjunct. A new cycle will begin and a new story will unfold.

For more detail on the energies these conversations may bring to the fore and how they might affect us on Earth please check out my Instagram account and Facebook pages - links below.

Please let me know in the comments how you found this cycle of the Moon and tell me if any of the conversations resonated with you in your life.

It is my aim to empower you to be able to view these connections in relationship to you and your life. Understanding your own birth chart placements, and the houses these meetings take place in, will enable you to see their influence on your life more clearly and allow you to learn how to make the most out of them. If you'd like to learn about your birth chart and how to relate the transits to you then please book a reading with me. I offer all my services as a gift to you. Donations are gratefully accepted.

This post references the following books:

365 Tao Daily Meditations by Deng Ming-Dao

The Archetypal Universe by Renn Butler

Astrology Using the wisdom of the stars in your every day life by Carole Taylor

All fantastic books which I highly recommend to anyone on the path of self awareness.


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