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The Sun in Taurus: April 19th to May 20th

“If you truly love nature, you will find beauty everywhere.” – Vincent van Gogh

A head adorned with flowers
Taurus Season


The Sun holds a profound significance as the God that illuminates the very essence of our being. The Sun represents the core of our identity, the radiant force that guides our journey of self-discovery and personal growth. He is the eternal flame within us, urging us to unfold our true selves as we navigate the cosmic dance of our life journey. As The Sun traverses the zodiac, each sign imparts a unique hue to this luminous journey. Between April 19th and May 20th (London) The Sun will be in Venus' sign of Taurus, 'the garden'. What does this mean for us?


'Taurus is the solid, yin, earth temple of Venus.

Taurus is the domicile of Venus and the exaltation of the Moon and the sign of the Bull.

In this sign, dominance of the light is sustained as the light is also increasing.

Hence the following themes are associated with Taurus:

Steadfastness, stubbornness, and power

Beauty, virility, and control

Simplicity, abundance, and luxury

Lust, fertility, and pleasure

Taurus is a sign associated with the power of heaven, which bulls were associated with through the act of ritual sacrifice.

Adolf Hitler was born with the Sun in Taurus.'

Adam Elenbaas - Nightlight Astrology

Taurus Season

Taurus Season by ChatGPT

In Taurus' realm, where Venus holds her sway,

A solid temple of earth's yin array,

Beneath the Bull's celestial reign,

Where steadfastness and strength remain.

Here beauty blooms in nature's dance,

In every leaf, in each soft glance,

Virility pulses through the land,

As Venus' touch, by Moon's command.

Stubbornness, a trait not lost,

Yet power wielded at no cost,

For in simplicity, strength does lie,

Amidst abundance 'neath the sky.

Luxury whispers through the breeze,

As pleasure thrives 'neath blossomed trees,

In fields where lust and fertility meet,

Where senses soar on passion's fleet.

Oh Taurus, guardian of the earth,

In your domain, where life finds birth,

We honour you with reverence true,

For all the bounty you imbue.

How can I get the best out of the season?

Embracing Taurus season to support personal transformation towards becoming your best self involves tuning into the essence of the sign's qualities. Here's how you can do that:

  1. Focus on the Present Moment: Taurus encourages grounding yourself in the here and now. Practice mindfulness and awareness of your surroundings. Engage fully in each moment, appreciating the simplicity and beauty around you.

  2. Enjoy the Little Things: Take pleasure in life's small joys and simple pleasures. Whether it's savouring a delicious meal, enjoying a walk in nature, or relishing a moment of quiet solitude, allow yourself to fully experience and appreciate these moments of happiness.

  3. Indulge in Self-Care: Taurus season invites you to indulge in self-care practices that nourish your body, mind, and soul. Treat yourself to activities that bring you comfort and relaxation, such as indulgent baths, massages, or spending time in nature.

  4. Cultivate Joy: Seek out activities and experiences that bring you genuine joy and fulfilment. Whether it's pursuing a hobby you love, spending time with loved ones, or immersing yourself in creative pursuits, prioritise activities that uplift your spirit and bring you happiness.

  5. Connect with Nature: Spend time outdoors connecting with the natural world. Take leisurely walks in parks or gardens, go hiking in the countryside, or simply sit and soak in the beauty of your surroundings. Nature has a way of grounding us and fostering a sense of peace and connection.

  6. Open Your Senses: Taurus encourages you to open all your senses to the abundance of beauty that surrounds you. Take time to appreciate the sights, sounds, smells, tastes, and textures of the world around you. Allow yourself to fully experience and revel in the richness of life.

By embracing these Taurus-themed practices, you can support your journey of personal transformation and move closer to becoming your best self. Remember to approach this process with patience, dedication, and a willingness to embrace the abundance of life in all its forms.

"In the embrace of Taurus season, we find solace in the steady rhythm of nature's pulse, grounding ourselves in the fertile soil of our desires and nurturing the seeds of our dreams with patient determination."

The Sun in Taurus through the Houses

The 12 houses of the wheel in Traditional Astrology
Ancient House Topics

In astrology, the natal chart is divided into twelve houses, each representing different areas of life. The specific impact of The Sun in Taurus, and its support for personal growth, will depend on the house it occupies in your natal chart. Each house represents different areas of life, and The Sun's placement in a particular house during its transit can provide insights into the focus of the energies.

During Taurus season, the Sun shines its light on themes of stability, practicality, and indulgence, encouraging us to cultivate a sense of security and appreciation for life's simple pleasures. Here's a brief overview of the opportunities for each rising sign during Taurus season, focusing on the themes of the respective houses:

Aries Rising (Taurus in the 2nd House): Taurus season brings a focus on financial matters and self-worth for Aries rising. It's a time to assess your resources and develop a more grounded approach to money management. Consider how you can increase your income or create more stability in your financial life. This is also an opportunity to cultivate a deeper sense of self-worth and appreciation for your unique talents and abilities.

Taurus Rising (Taurus in the 1st House): For Taurus rising individuals, Taurus season highlights themes of self-image and personal identity. Take this time to reflect on your goals and desires, and consider how you can align your actions with your values. Focus on self-care practices that nourish both your body and your spirit, and embrace opportunities for personal growth and development.

Gemini Rising (Taurus in the 12th House): Taurus season activates the 12th house for Gemini rising, bringing a focus on spirituality, solitude, and introspection. Use this time to explore your inner world and connect with your subconscious mind. Engage in practices such as meditation, journaling, or dreamwork to gain deeper insights into your psyche. Pay attention to your intuition and allow yourself to release any old patterns or beliefs that no longer serve you.

Cancer Rising (Taurus in the 11th House): Taurus season highlights the 11th house of friendships, community, and aspirations for Cancer rising individuals. This is a time to connect with like-minded people who share your values and goals. Consider how you can contribute to your social circle or participate in group activities that resonate with your interests. Set intentions for the future and take practical steps towards achieving your long-term dreams.

Leo Rising (Taurus in the 10th House): For Leo rising, Taurus season activates the 10th house of career and public image. This is a time to focus on your professional goals and ambitions. Consider how you can cultivate a greater sense of stability and security in your career path. Take practical steps towards advancing your professional life and building a solid reputation in your field. Focus on long-term success and consider the legacy you want to leave behind.

Virgo Rising (Taurus in the 9th House): Taurus season shines a light on the 9th house of higher learning, travel, and philosophy for Virgo rising individuals. Use this time to expand your horizons and broaden your perspective on life. Explore new subjects that interest you or plan a journey to a place that ignites your sense of adventure. Embrace opportunities for personal growth through education or spiritual exploration, and consider how you can integrate your beliefs into your daily life.

Libra Rising (Taurus in the 8th House): Taurus season activates the 8th house of transformation, intimacy, and shared resources for Libra rising. This is a time to delve into deeper emotional connections and explore the depths of your psyche. Reflect on your relationships and consider how you can cultivate greater trust and intimacy with others. Focus on healing any emotional wounds or patterns of behaviour that may be holding you back, and embrace the transformative power of vulnerability.

Scorpio Rising (Taurus in the 7th House): For Scorpio rising individuals, Taurus season highlights the 7th house of partnerships and relationships. This is a time to focus on your one-on-one connections and cultivate greater harmony and balance in your personal and professional relationships. Consider how you can deepen your commitment to your partner or attract new, meaningful connections into your life. Focus on communication and compromise, and be open to finding common ground with others.

Sagittarius Rising (Taurus in the 6th House): Taurus season activates the 6th house of health, routine, and service for Sagittarius rising. Use this time to establish healthy habits and routines that support your overall well-being. Focus on self-care practices such as exercise, nutrition, and stress management. Consider how you can bring more mindfulness and presence into your daily life, and look for opportunities to serve others in meaningful ways.

Capricorn Rising (Taurus in the 5th House): Taurus season shines a light on the 5th house of creativity, self-expression, and pleasure for Capricorn rising individuals. This is a time to tap into your creative potential and explore activities that bring you joy and fulfilment. Embrace your inner child and allow yourself to play and have fun. Focus on expressing yourself authentically and indulging in activities that ignite your passion and creativity.

Aquarius Rising (Taurus in the 4th House): For Aquarius rising, Taurus season highlights the 4th house of home, family, and emotional security. This is a time to focus on creating a sense of stability and comfort in your home environment. Consider how you can nurture your relationships with family members and create a supportive domestic atmosphere. Take time to reflect on your emotional needs and create boundaries that honour your sense of security and well-being.

Pisces Rising (Taurus in the 3rd House): Taurus season activates the 3rd house of communication, learning, and local community for Pisces rising. Use this time to focus on improving your communication skills and connecting with those around you. Engage in meaningful conversations and listen actively to others. Consider how you can expand your knowledge and share your ideas with your immediate environment. Focus on building strong connections within your local community and expressing yourself with clarity and confidence.

It's important to consider the specific aspects the Sun makes to other planets in the chart and any other ongoing transits to get a more comprehensive understanding of how these energies are likely to manifest for you. Additionally, the overall context of the natal chart, including the Moon, rising sign, and other planetary placements, will contribute to a more nuanced interpretation.

"Taurus season invites us to savour life's simple pleasures and embrace the beauty of stability and security. As the Sun journeys through the earthy realms of Taurus, we're encouraged to slow down, indulge our senses, and cultivate a deeper appreciation for the abundance that surrounds us. This is a time to reconnect with nature, nurture our bodies, and honour our values with steadfast determination. Taurus season reminds us to build solid foundations, both in our external world and within ourselves, as we seek to create a sense of enduring peace and tranquillity. So let us revel in the delights of the senses, bask in the warmth of connection, and ground ourselves in the rich soil of our own authenticity during this luscious season of growth and renewal."

What makes this Taurus season unique?

Horoscope 21/04/2024
Sun in Taurus: Jupiter and Uranus Unite in Taurus in a once in a lifetime moment

Note: Dates and times stated are all GMT please adjust accordingly for your location.

Jupiter Uranus Conjunction April 20/21st

The Sun enters Taurus on the 19th of March and joins Jupiter and Uranus just a day before they will unite for the first time in Taurus since the early 1940's. This union marks the beginning of a new cycle that will trigger revolutionary change in the Taurus area of your life. If Taurus is on an angle or you have personal planets in the sign then this will be particularly significant for you and your life journey.

Jupiter and Uranus signify: Dramatic breakthroughs and quantum leaps, sudden unexpected openings and awakenings, excited feelings of freedom and space, illuminative or Promethean type of ecstasy. On the shadow side they bring the potential for manic and impulsive excesses, hubris and overweening pride, attraction to get-rich-quick programs, new-age ideals that promise liberation without effort of pain. From The Archetypal Universe by Renn Butler

In Taurus we can expect revolutionary changes relating to our physical environment and our experience of The Earth and our relationship to it. This conjunction is the seeding point of the new cycle so manifestations may not show up, or be obvious, immediately. Look for clues in what is occurring for you in mind and body and in the experiences you have over Taurus Season to see what may be transpiring for you in your life journey.

Scorpio Full Moon

The Pink Moon marks the end of Eclipse Season and is a culmination point for stories that were seeded with the Aries Total Solar Eclipse on the 18th of April. Like the Uranus Jupiter conjunction this is a wider cycle and a mid point of the approximate 18 months of eclipses across the Aries-Libra axis. This Full Moon is cavernously deep. Scorpio is the sign of transformation: death and rebirth. It is the deepest oceanic ravine and the monsters that lurk there. It is complex and intense. A Scorpionic Full Moon wants us to dive into the murky depths and shine a light on Cthulhu. And this lunation is fuelled by Pluto; God of death and rebirth. There is purpose here. Over the last few weeks we have been shown all our old stories for a reason. We have to feel, in order to heal and let go, and here is an opportunity.

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” — Carl Jung

“The phoenix must burn to emerge.” — Janet Fitch

Mercury Retrograde ends on April 25th

Mercury's retrograde began on April the 1st when The Sun was at 12 degrees of Aries and ends when The Sun is at 5 degrees of Taurus.

Mercury, messenger of the Gods, is the God of thought and communication, our faculties of perception and insight, teaching and learning, commerce, travellers, trickery, and thieves. They are currently resident in Mars' palace of Aries, The Ram.

Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, representing the beginning of the astrological year and symbolising initiation, action, and courage. Aries is ruled by Mars, the fiery planet associated with energy, passion, and assertiveness. Mars lends Aries its dynamic and sometimes aggressive qualities. Aries is a cardinal fire sign. As a cardinal sign, Aries is associated with initiation, leadership, and assertiveness. Being a fire sign, Aries embodies qualities of enthusiasm, inspiration, and courage. The symbol for Aries is the Ram, representing power, strength, and determination. Rams are known for their ability to charge ahead fearlessly. Aries Individuals with strong Aries placements in their charts are often dynamic, independent, and adventurous. They possess a strong sense of self and are not afraid to pursue their goals with enthusiasm and vigour. However, they can also be impulsive, impatient, and prone to acting before thinking things through.

Mercury in Aries speaks to the grand themes of clear thinking and decision making. Mercury in Aries knows its own mind and has focus, drive and purpose. Communication is forthright and direct and we have the ability to cut to the chase.

Horoscope 12/04/24
Mercury Cazimi: Mercury reborn in the heart of The Sun.

By now, you will have a clearer idea of what Mercury in Aries worked at during this retrograde. They will be effecting a rewrite of a story around what and how we think and how we stand up for ourselves. The process may have felt a little chaotic and confusing whilst Mercury is in their backward motion. Things will likely get clearer when they re-tread the path they walked backward through, between the 25th of April and the 12th of May, and when they break new ground on the 13th of May we will be at the beginning of something new.

Mars and Neptune unite

Mars and Neptune join on the 29th April. This is the final meeting of Mars and Neptune in Pisces:

When Mars and Neptune join in Pisces, an additional layer of depth and complexity is added to this already potent combination of energies.

In modern astrological schools of thought Neptune has been assigned as the ruler of Pisces, a sign traditionally ruled by Jupiter. Pisces is associated with sensitivity, intuition, empathy, and spirituality. It represents the dissolution of boundaries and the merging of individual consciousness with the universal whole.

With Mars and Neptune uniting in Pisces, the assertive and action-oriented energy of Mars is softened and infused with the dreamy, ethereal qualities of Neptune. This alignment intensifies the spiritual and compassionate aspects of this conjunction, as Pisces encourages a deep dive into the subconscious mind and the exploration of mystical realms.

One significant aspect of this combination is the potential for spiritual warriorship. Mars in Pisces, especially when conjunct Neptune, can manifest as a fierce dedication to spiritual ideals and a willingness to fight for justice, compassion, and the greater good. This isn't about aggressive confrontation but rather a steadfast commitment to ideals that transcend individual desires.

The Mars Neptune conjunction in Pisces also heightens intuition and imagination. We may find ourselves deeply attuned to the subtle energies of the universe, able to tap into intuitive insights and creative inspiration with ease. This can be a powerful asset in pursuits such as artistic expression, spiritual exploration, and healing practices.

However, there is also a risk of confusion or disillusionment with this placement. Pisces' influence can blur boundaries and create a sense of ambiguity, making it challenging to distinguish between reality and fantasy. We may need to guard against escapism or becoming lost in idealistic dreams, ensuring we remain grounded in practical realities while still honouring our spiritual and creative impulses.

The conjunction of Mars and Neptune in Pisces adds a profound layer of spirituality, compassion, and intuition to this next cycle. It invites us to embrace our inner warrior with a heart full of empathy and a vision guided by the wisdom of the soul. The next time the pair meet they will be in Aries and we will begin a brand new cycle with a very different flavour.

Venus enters Her home sign of Taurus and joins The Sun

Mars enters His home sign of Aries

30th April

Pluto Stations Retrograde

2nd May at 2 degrees 6 mins and will turn and make a final visit to Capricorn before returning to Aquarius for the next 20 years. Pluto will be in Capricorn from September 1st 2024 till November 19th 2024. Read about Pluto in Capricorn here and in my blog post here.

New Moon in Taurus

8th of May

Mercury enters Taurus

16th of May


  • If you don't know the house where Taurus lands in your chart I can provide you with a free digital picture of your birth chart. Get in touch with your details here and I'll send it to you as soon as I can.

  • What's going on for you at this time will depend on other conversations in the sky above and how those conversations are interacting with your own birth chart. Everyone is unique and everyone's journey through the cosmos is unique.

  • If you'd like to delve deeper into your chart and look at how your Taurus Season is being shaped or just have a more general reading about who you are and what your life journey may entail, then book a one to one consultation with me here.

  • There is loads of information on my website including what to expect from a reading with me and the story of my own transformational journey. Explore.

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