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Twin Flame Journey Astrology Forecast

Week ahead theme

This week's significant astrology transits:

Transits week ahead

What's the gist?

This is a week of endings and new beginnings. The deeper meaning and purpose is being sought so we can move forwards with a higher awareness and in alignment with Universal will. We are encouraged to go within and let go of what we no longer need so we can have a fresh new start.

Sun conjunct Neptune: 'Higher Purpose'

The Sun is our purpose and Neptune is God of transcendence and Oneness. Together their energies blend and express as One. Divine unity and the meaning of creation is an awareness we can embody if we allow ourselves the time and space to dive into the void and just be with the all. We are here for a reason and this journey has purpose beyond just feeling difficult and painful. Now is the time to tap into our inner wisdom and remember why we chose this.

Spring Equinox: 'Begin Again'

This is the beginning of the new astrological year and this is the year of change. This is a balancing point and bridges the material and the spiritual. Reconcile your beliefs with your truths. Bring your inner self into balance and set intentions for what you want to leave behind and take forwards as we enter a new solar cycle.

Venus conjunct Saturn: 'Solid working partnerships'

Venus and Saturn together have the power to facilitate structure and commitment in relationships. They blend beauty and integrity and in Pisces relate to enduring spiritual values, the dissolving of old romantic fears and barriers and can work to bring balance between the spiritual and the physical realms. Anchoring the spiritual connection into the 3D reality.

Mars moves into Pisces: 'Fortunate action'

Mars in Pisces is acting on behalf of Jupiter and bringing will and passion to the Pisces themes of Oneness and Universal alignment. Mars in Pisces can relate to themes of spiritual and creative vitality, compassionate action, and enlightened non-action. The path of least resistance can be found. Sink into trust that your inner masculine knows how to action your desires and will bring them into material reality in perfect divine timing.

Horoscope 17/3/24
Sun Conjunct Neptune

What does this mean for the Twin Flame Journey?

The Twin Flame journey happens across many dimensions. Physical and material shifts in the 3D occur after metaphysical and energetic shifts. The mind and belief system has to shift before the 3D manifestation can occur. If you're not seeing the changes you're hoping for or expecting in the 3D then it's time to look within and do the self work. As you change within, your 3D reality will change.

This week:

The Sun moves into Aries at 3.06 am London time on the 20th of March. That gives us just 3 more days to conclude the last solar year's cycle before we begin a brand new one. Today (Sunday the 17th of March) The Sun, our Solar God, shining our way ahead, revealing our unique purpose and divine destination in this lifetime, joins with Neptune, God of Cosmic Unity and Oneness. We are being supported to remember why we are here and what we chose this journey for:

We are the Universe. We are living this experience to remind ourselves, as The Universe, that ultimately we are all One and The Same and that the separation we feel, from each other, from our loves, from God, is simply an illusion.

This is the purpose behind all the teachings about how the other is our mirror, our reflection, that we are one soul in two bodies. The absolute truth is that we are all the same. I am me, you are me, I am you.

So, how do we use that awareness to change our experience and to progress on our journey?

We each know what we want to create on a deeper level. We know what our future holds. We know what (and who) is right for us. When we can get into alignment with our deeper truth we can trust that we are heading where we want to go and we can trust that we will arrive there when the time is right. All we need to do in the meantime is get on with what is arising for us in the now. The rest will take care of itself.

The ultimate aim for each of us is freedom. We all have the power to be free to be who we are and to do what we choose. Everything that we experience that feels difficult is showing us where we are bound, imprisoned, programmed and tied. What comes from a place of authenticity, truth and freedom will always feel good. Whatever is coming up for us in the day to day is here to teach us and to enable us to make a different choice for ourselves so that the same lesson doesn't repeat in future. As we enter the new astrological year and begin another turn around the wheel we are asked what we want to take with us and what we are ready to leave behind. Pay attention to what you are feeling and experiencing over the next 3 days. And set your intentions to begin in alignment with your best self and your highest timeline.

The time is now.

Personal Reflection:

Doing the work gives you your power back. You can see the changes that are occurring for you and witness how your world changes as you change. You learn that you are creating it all. This is the opposite energy of waiting - something we all feel like we're doing at times in the twin flame journey. Being in the energy of waiting will create more waiting - it's that simple. This journey is for you to grow and change and transform. It is here for you to become the best version of yourself. It's here for you to learn how to step into your power so you can create the life of your dreams. It takes time and commitment. It takes dedication. It's hard. But it's so worth it. Begin today. It starts with an intention.

I am ready to change. I am ready to be the best I can be. I am ready to heal. I am ready to step into my power. In all forms, on all levels and at all places in time.

Begin now.

The Universe will help.

I have been guided over the last week or so to look again at the family patterns that have been passed down through the generations and that I am still repeating in this lifetime. I have been shown my limitations and the burdens I am bearing that will continue to repeat unless I can end them.

I pulled a Mystical Journey Oracle Card this morning and the card that came out was 'Being Bound'. From the book:

What are you bound by: negative thinking, inhibitions or criticism of others? It is time to break free. The being bound card reminds you to trust your inner voice, the voice that wants you to let go of your inhibitions and try new things, the things you will not attempt through fear of judgement. You must live your life to the full and allow others to live their own lives.

This card can indicate that you are constrained by outdated thinking. Holding onto damaging beliefs and resentments may make you feel safe and secure, but what they are really doing is binding you. Allow fresh waves of thinking to sweep your mind and clear out any obsolete beliefs.

From my perspective sometimes we just have to witness a limiting pattern of behaviour or thought in order to let it go and stop ourselves from repeating those patterns and behaviours in the future.

Where could what you think and how you think be limiting you? Could you change your mind so you can think something new and free yourself from what binds you?

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