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Venus: God of Love

'Venus is the principle of pleasure and desire, reflecting our aesthetic values and tastes. It is our impulse to relate to others, indicating how we show love and affection and how we create common bonds.’ Carole Taylor - Astrology

Venus is the Great Goddess: for the Sumerians she was Inanna, in Babylon Ishtar and in Greece Aphrodite. She is The Goddess of beauty, sexual love and fertility.

'Venus is the principle of desire, love, beauty, value; the impulse and capacity to attract and be attracted, to love and be loved, to seek and create beauty and harmony, to engage in social and romantic relations, sensuous pleasure, artistic and aesthetic experience; the principle of Eros and the Beautiful; Aphrodite, the Goddess of love and beauty.' Richard Tarnas - Cosmos and Psyche

‘Traditionally Venus was associated with the moist and warming power that is productive of the life force, and signifies, desire, love, beauty, cleanliness, purity, and religious worship.’ Demetra George - Ancient Astrology

‘Venus Principles: Impulses toward love and friendship, harmony and pleasure, grace and beauty, forces of attraction. The Venus archetype manifests through our yearnings to love and be loved, to enjoy ourselves and bring pleasure to others and to reach out in friendship and connection. Venus rules the power of attraction, our aesthetic taste and sensuality and our capacities to act in graceful and harmonious ways with the world around us.

Venus also represents our feelings of intimacy toward the divine principle as the Beloved, and the potential for ecstatic union with it as we regain our lost wholeness.’ Renn Butler - The Archetypal Universe

Venus in your chart

The influence of Venus will be felt according to where She resides and Her conversations with the other Gods and their placements in your chart.

'Attraction: Venus is the desire in us for love and romance; how we make ourselves attractive and what we find attractive in others.

Beauty: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and the placement of Venus in your chart suggests your definition of this, whether you are moved by the harmonious proportions of classical Greek sculpture or the jagged edges of a Cubist painting. Venus tells us the kind of people we are drawn towards and the nature of the erotic charge that drives this; and in art, what pleases the eye and appeals to our aesthetic sense.

Relationships: Here we desire to form bonds with others, requiring feedback and response; thus we can look to this planet to describe all manner of one-to-one relationships including friendships.

Worth & Value: Since Venus offers an image of what we desire and what brings us joy, it is fundamental to feelings of worth and value - the kind of things we might feel moved to spend money on.

Peacemaker: Venus is known as the peacemaker, bringing the desire for harmony, proportion, and balance (along with the potential for laziness and lack of effort). Conflict is unwelcome wherever Venus is in your chart.

Vengefulness & Vanity: True to her mythic role as a goddess of the battle, there is also the potential here for each one to react with jealousy and vengefulness when what we have to offer slighted or rejected. Vanity can also arise around Venus.'


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