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Life is a journey.

Astrology empowers us with the awareness that our life's journey is always happening for us. At times we may need a helping hand to remind us of that, and to nudge us back on track when we've taken a wrong turn, or forgotten we know the way.

Astrology can inspire us to embrace our journey by providing us with a clear idea of why we've been where we've been, and where we are destined to go.

There are occasions in life when our journey becomes a bit more challenging, or at times, significantly so. It's during these times that finding some peace and hope can be even more difficult. It's in these times where an astrology chart reading can dramatically change our perspective: astrology can remind us that we chose our journey in order to grow and learn. It can demonstrate to us that all our challenges, as well as our successes, are leading us to fulfil our potential and achieve our life purpose in this lifetime.

An Astrology reading is an investment in your self.

Transformation Journeys

An astrology reading such as a birth chart reading can shed light on who you are, what your strengths and weaknesses are, what your key experiences are likely to be and where you're headed in this life journey. A reading can also focus on a particular time period to shed light on an aspect of your life's journey.

Summer Special!

This summer I am returning to a donation based model. I offer every reading as a gift. If  you would like to make a donation, or exchange, it will be very gratefully received.

If you would like a specific journey reading just let me know when booking. All readings will last approximately one hour.

Bookings available from June 1st.

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