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In November 2020 I began formally studying Hellenistic Astrology with Adam Elenbaas of Nightlight Astrology School.

Over the course of November 2020 to December 2022 I completed the following courses of study:
First-Year Astrology Certification Course (12 month program)
​Second-Year Astrology Certification Course (12 month program)
​Readings and Passages Certification Course (12 month program)

Since before I began my formal study I have been (obsessively) self studying. My focus of interest is traditional western astrology though I have dipped my toe into the asteroid work done by Demetra George. I am endlessly fascinated with the subject, and with so much history and such a grand body of work, I am certain my desire to learn more will always be satisfied.

I use Whole Sign Houses in my practice and for initial birth chart readings I focus on the traditional seven planets only. When looking at transits in forecasting and retrospective chart reading I bring in the outer planets: Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. I sometimes look at the asteroid Chiron when working with healing journeys.
“Methodical, diligent, and always inspirational, Adam Elenbaas drives home the philosophical and practical aspects of this most complex subject with innovative and workable theoretical rationales that leave you feeling enabled with deep understanding.”

The first year course exam consisted of a blind read of a mystery famous person's chart with questions designed to facilitate a picture of said person's life. My feedback from this exam is below:

"CONGRATULATIONS, you passed the exam!

We will send you the certificate soon, and we’ll also reveal to you whose chart it is.

In the meanwhile, I can give you a little feedback on your exam:


Excellent work! Top of the class! 


Have a fantastic day, certified astrologer!"

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