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Twin Flame Journey Astrology Forecast

This week's significant astrology transits:

What does this mean for you?

This week is all about Venus, God of love and relationships, Jupiter, God of higher truth and expansion and Uranus, God of freedom, breakthroughs and awakening who has turned direct this Saturday which means all planets are now direct until April 1st. Anything which has felt stuck or stagnant will now start to move. It's full steam ahead! Expect dramatic shifts!

Mercury Trine Uranus

This is a supportive and expansive aspect happening just as Uranus turns direct having been retrograde since the end of August. Mercury and Uranus bring a lightening-quick mind, gifts of originality and inventiveness, curiosity, originality and intellectual breakthroughs. Expect a sudden liberation of mind, unexpected breakthroughs in communication, synchronicities and exciting insights. Sudden shifts in communication are possible. Watch out for exciting news!

Venus Trine Jupiter

This is a supportive and expansive aspect. Higher heart activations. Venus and Jupiter bring feelings of grand happiness and enjoyment, positive and supportive relationships, impressive taste and style, and the glory of love. Expect jubilant social interactions, harmony and accord, philosophical compatibility, and an outpouring of grace and love. Love abounds! Embrace it!

Mars Trine Uranus

This is a supportive and expansive aspect. Happening just as Uranus turns direct having been retrograde since June and happening just after Mercury's trine with Uranus. Mars and Uranus bring dynamic urges toward freedom and independence, sudden breakthroughs, rushes of energy, and electric yang enthusiasm. Expect decisive courage and willpower, thrills and excitement, adventure and speed and hot blooded passion! Breakthroughs! Masculine energy awakening!

What does this mean for the Twin Flame Journey?

The Twin Flame journey happens across many dimensions. Physical and material shifts in the 3D occur after metaphysical and energetic shifts. The mind and belief system has to shift before the 3D manifestation can occur. If you're not seeing the changes you're hoping for or expecting in the 3D then it's time to look within and do the self work. As you change within, your 3D reality will change.

Mercury Trine Uranus: The Universe is mental. We are all creating our own realities and we do so with our mind. Self work on changing the mind is a big part of the journey. The Mercury Uranus conversation is supporting this. Most of the time we are barely aware of what we are thinking and why, and that’s just the surface stuff. When you learn how to step behind and watch your thoughts, you realise there’s all kinds of thought that occurs spontaneously and is hidden. In order to stop creating unconsciously we have to first become aware of all the thoughts, those on the surface and those that are hidden. In order to create consciously we need to reprogram our thoughts so we begin to manifest what we want, rather than unconsciously manifesting repeating stories that begun in childhood when our thinking was programmed. Read more.

Venus Trine Jupiter: Belief is fundamental to realising the journey in reality - take note of the signs and synchronicities and feel the love. Love and connection is always available to us. Ask for a sign. Ask to talk to your twin energetically and then quiet the mind and see what pops in. Ask for a song. Connect in with the love that is always there, and feel the magic. This will be easy this week with Venus and Jupiter in conversation all week. Magic abounds. Tap into it.

Mars Trine Uranus: Take action. Our 3D reality is just as important as the 5D. In order for the masculine to step up and step in we have to activate our inner masculine. You are guided to look at what is working and not working in your life this week and make changes that will support you to be your best self. Uranus encourages freedom and independence. Where are you stuck? What decisions could you make to take that in hand? The focus is always on you - if we do things for ourselves that improve our lives, that will reflect in the behaviours of our 3D masculine. As within, so without. Uranus wants you to be you. Where are you holding yourself back from being who you are in the world? Where are you doing what other people want and pleasing other people rather than pleasing yourself?

Remember: The Universe is always here to support us in our journey. If you are stuck and don't know where to start, know you have a font of inner guidance and wisdom you can tap into to get you unstuck and on your way. Read The answer to every question.

Read more about The Twin Flame Journey

If you would like some personalised support I offer one to one Twin Flame Journey readings in which I aim to empower you to embrace the journey and get insight into who you are and what you can do to get unstuck. Read more on that and about me here.


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