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Twin Flame Journey Astrology Forecast

This week's significant astrology transits:

What's the gist?

We feel a shift this week as The Sun moves into Pisces and we build towards the Full Moon on the 24th of February. The big news this week is the conjunction of Venus and Mars after they have both traversed the underground and rinsed through the death and rebirth moment that came as they met Pluto in Aquarius for the first time since the late 1700's. Full Moons are a culmination point.

Pisces Season Begins: 'Listen to your intuition'

Pisces is the final sign of the zodiac and the time in the solar year when boundaries drop and we all become more in touch with the universal all. We have a heightened sense of empathy and understanding, and can more easily access the unseen and the magical. It's a time to express affection with tenderness, to listen with an open heart, and to connect at the soul.

Venus Conjunct Mars: 'Union'

Mars and Venus together marry the warrior with the goddess. Love and war. The archetypal masculine and the feminine unite shortly after their encounter with Hades and their sojourn to the underworld. They are meeting, renewed. Venus and Mars bring a passionate enthusiasm for life, emotional warmth and vitality, dynamic cravings for fun and enjoyment and harmonious self-assertion. We can expect dynamism, hot blooded urges for erotic gratification and pleasure, impulses to give and receive sexually. On the shadow side we have the interplay of love and anger, jealousy and possessiveness, emotional disharmony and discord, love quarrels and violent sex. This happens on the 22nd of February: 222.

Full Moon in Virgo: 'It's in the details'

A Full Moon in Virgo brings a moment of completion and shines a light on the nuts and bolts. The Full Moon is a culmination of energies, where the Sun and Moon are in opposite signs, highlighting the balance between opposing forces. This Full Moon may bring to light areas of your life that require order and refinement. It's a favourable time for self-improvement, health-related activities, and fine-tuning daily routines, especially those relating to your spiritual practices and things you do in service to others. This Full Moon is a good opportunity to assess and address the more practical aspects of your life. It has the potential to ground into reality dreams and ideas that have until now seemed too out there. We have the opportunity to see clearly something that has previously been hidden from us.

What does this mean for the Twin Flame Journey?

The Twin Flame journey happens across many dimensions. Physical and material shifts in the 3D occur after metaphysical and energetic shifts. The mind and belief system has to shift before the 3D manifestation can occur. If you're not seeing the changes you're hoping for or expecting in the 3D then it's time to look within and do the self work. As you change within, your 3D reality will change.

This week:

We will feel a shift as we enter Pisces season. This is a time for dreaming, for indulging our creative impulses, for dancing with the unicorns, and giggling with the fairies. This is the perfect time to celebrate and amplify the mystery and magic of a divine connection. Our intuition is heightened as is our ability to see beyond the confines of the 3D reality. Finding a balance between the 'seen' and the 'unseen' is one of the biggest challenges of this journey. Sometimes we need to pull our head out of the clouds and accept the reality of what is, and sometimes we need to allow ourselves to remember that miracles happen and what seems impossible is just a matter of perspective.

The union of the reborn masculine and feminine this week, in the innovative and humanitarian sign of Aquarius, could signal significant changes in the connection collectively. We are beginning a new cycle and birthing an ideal future reality. The masculine and the feminine have both shed their skins and are primed to bring in an entirely new and unique way of relating to each other. Aquarius empowers us to embrace our uniqueness, connect with others authentically, and contribute to positive change on both a personal and collective level. The Twin Flame Journey has been teaching us how to bravely be our unique and amazing selves. Pisces season encourages us to step into all our carefully cultivated gifts and bring them centre stage for the good of all.

"You change the world by being yourself." - Yoko Ono

Are you ready to realise your potential and open up to a new way of being?

Read more on the Aquarian energy here.

Surrender is an enormous part of the journey and a large part of what the Piscean energy represents. We have to learn to let go, and let God. We are co-creating a better future and when we have reached a certain point in the journey we need to step aside, and get out of the way, so the divine can bring it in, in the most magical and unexpected way possible.

Are you ready to let go and let it in?

Read more on the art of surrender here.

Remember: The Universe is always here to support us in our journey. If you are stuck and don't know where to start, know you have a font of inner guidance and wisdom you can tap into to get you unstuck and on your way. Read The answer to every question.

Personal Reflection:

I have witnessed the power of The Universe to create change and shift things dramatically overnight. It isn't always possible to remember this and stay in faith that good things are headed your way, but it's always worth trying to maintain this perspective. Love is always all around and in the air. It's up to us to choose whether to see and embrace that and the more we can, the more we will bring it about. Choose love. Choose to believe in the impossible and see the magic.

Magic happens. Miracles occur. Spot the small ones and keep track. The more you sit in the energy of magic and love and knowing, the more you will receive the same. And when the big ones occur they will still blow your mind but you'll be able to recognise the hand of the divine and relax into the situation without getting knocked off track.

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If you would like some personalised support I offer one to one Twin Flame Journey readings in which I aim to empower you to embrace the journey and get insight into who you are and what you can do to get unstuck. Read more on that and about me here.


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